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Although my intent when I started this website was to help my sorors, it was inevitable that PROSPECTIVE AKA's would visit here, in their attempt to glean information about the sorority.

Following is my attempt to answer the questions of those who would like to be AKA's. This is NOT official information... just some basic information that might help you in your quest.

Why do you want to be a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha? I will not tell you what your answer should be, since each person will have her own reasons... but this is something that you must SERIOUSLY consider. It is not sufficient to say that you want to be an AKA in order to emulate your mother, aunt, sister, teacher, etc.... ESPECIALLY if that person has not remained active with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

How much do you know about AKA? DO YOUR RESEARCH! Why would you want to be a part of an organization you know little or nothing about? Great resources are available on the internet. Also check with a library or a soror you know to find out more about Alpha Kappa Alpha.

What do you bring to AKA? What are your assets? What kind of public service have you done on your own? AKA is a public service sorority. You'll find Alpha Kappa Alpha women active in NOW, UNCF, NAACP, NCNW, Urban League, Links, Habitat for Humanity, Girl Scouts, and a host of other organizations. As a matter fact, if you're interested in AKA, the best way to get to know AKA's is for you to get active in some of the other organizations that we are active in. We will notice your work and consider you an asset to Alpha Kappa Alpha.

How do you act at the Rush? Treat it like a JOB INTERVIEW! You want to show off your best qualities and you've got a short time to do it. Make it count. Don't be overbearing, but it's not wise to appear aloof, either. Be friendly and show genuine interest. Ask questions, but not those that you already know the answer to or ones that have obvious answers. If you see an AKA there who you know from some other part of your life, make sure you make contact with her and let her know where you know her from.

Several undergrads have asked what they can do if the Alpha Kappa Alpha chapter at their school is suspended. The answer is simple... nothing, short of transferring to a school where the chapter is not suspended. If the chapter will not be active by the time you graduate (and you don't want to transfer), set your sights on a graduate chapter after you get your degree.

You cannot pledge at a school with an active chapter unless you are enrolled there as a degree-seeking student. Isn't that obvious? There is no such thing in AKA as "cross-pledging". Just because you live in a city with a city-wide chapter does not mean you can pledge that chapter. Your school must be included in the city-wide chapter's charter in order for you to qualify to pledge that chapter.

You cannot pledge during summer school. AKA chapters don't have membership intake during summer school sessions. 

If you are attending an accredited 2,3,or 4-year senior college or university that has never had a chapter, you can either work to establish a chapter there (contact a local graduate chapter and/or national headquarters for more info on this) or - especially if your school doesn't allow sororities - you may be able to convince the members of a local graduate chapter to sponsor you as a candidate for membership at a regional conference (see your local graduate chapter for more info on this). This does NOT apply if there is/was a chapter at your school, and it's not operating because of disciplinary actions. No one can pledge at a school where the chapter is suspended or revoked until the disciplinary action is lifted and all fines are paid.

Can you pledge an undergraduate chapter if you are still at that school pursuing a graduate degree? NO. Once you have received a bachelors degree (or met all requirements for one), you no longer qualify for undergraduate membership. You must be invited and sponsored (YES, INVITED) to join a graduate chapter.

Undergraduates who barely have the minimum 2.5 GPA to pledge should work on their grades prior to considering membership. Alpha Kappa Alpha's founders were SCHOLARS. I personally think the minimum GPA should be raised to AT LEAST 3.0 in recognition of their scholarship. A 2.5 GPA is a mediocre one and Alpha Kappa Alpha doesn't need mediocre women... and don't get mad with me if you have a low GPA - channel that energy into raising it! You MUST have a C+ GPA cumulative and semester prior to submission of your application. Our Sorority HAS YET to negotiate that issue, EVER!!! It has been that way for OVER 90 years...

You MUST be enrolled full time, 12 units or more, 100 level courses or above, prior and during the semester you plan to submit your application.

You HAVE to attend the Rush Party in order for membership consideration. Submission of your application to membership HAS YET to be similar to a scholarship application! You are lucky to even have the chance to be "relatively interviewed" by our Sorors...

A frequent question is "How do I let the AKA's on my campus/in my community know that I am interested without being annoying"? The answer depends on whether you already know an AKA. If you know one and feel comfortable with her, then simply express your interest, requesting that you be notified if membership intake is scheduled. If you later hear that membership intake is scheduled and you haven't gotten any information about it, express your interest again.... but don't "hound" us. We DO have lives outside of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

In your zeal to be a Lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha, please remember not to be too overbearing. Although some AKA's love to be pampered with attention by prospectives, most of us do not want to be bothered with prospectives who seem to be "brown-nosing". If you're constantly contacting an AKA and she doesn't reciprocate - BACK OFF - you're probably getting on her nerves. If what you're after is a letter of recommendation, (If Needed) you DO NOT want to get on her nerves! An occasional call is fine, but don't give the impression that you are desperate... even if you ARE! (ha-ha)

I've recently received several notes from young ladies who are afraid to let AKA's know that they are interested in membership intake. My suggestion is this - go about your business, doing your public service and (for undergrads) keeping your grades up. I wouldn't advise "kissing up" to Anyone... it makes you look bad... then when a rush activity is announced, attend, get an application, apply, and let the chips fall where they may. Let your credentials speak for themselves - but be sure your credentials are in order!

If you do not know a lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha, YOU'RE NOT DOING ENOUGH PUBLIC SERVICE! Get out there and work in your community and you will surely meet one. It also wouldn't hurt to attend any public Alpha Kappa Alpha functions that you can.

How much are dues? What does the membership intake process consist of? How long does it take? You'll be given this information when you attend a RUSH... Until then, you really don't need to know.

Guess what? Just because you meet the minimum requirements for membership (GPA, public service, etc.) doesn't mean you'll be selected! Surprised? Don't be... Every AKA in the chapter that you apply to has a vote - and you must get a majority of those votes. If you don't get a majority, you will NOT "make line"... plain and simple. Alpha Kappa Alpha is a MEMBERSHIP organization - you don't just AUTOMATICALLY get in... and why would you want to be in a chapter where the majority of the members don't want you as a member?

No - there is no MINIMUM amount of public service that will qualify you for membership - You should be able to show a COMMITMENT to public service - not just doing it so that you will qualify to pledge.

There is no age limit for AKA membership. If you are still able to do public service, you are not too old to be a lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

If you are a legacy (your mother, sister, or daughter is an AKA), please don't ASSUME that you will also be extended an invitation to membership because of our legacy clause. You must meet the same requirements as all other candidates for membership - and PLEASE - don't wear those "Future AKA" shirts... it makes some of my sorors think that you believe that you're a shoe-in. You're not!

If you are approached to join an "Alpha Kappa Alpha Interest Group", DON'T DO IT! Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority does not have or sanction interest groups. Yes, you can help the chapter with its public service functions if you wish.

I suggest that you avoid joining groups of women who act as "gofers" for fraternities. (Sweethearts, Doves, Angels, Essence, Pearls, etc.) Alpha Kappa Alpha women are not subservient.

Since Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded as a COLLEGIATE organization, it is MUCH harder to join a graduate chapter than a collegiate one. Attend the chapters' public functions and get to know some of the members. They will let you know what you need to know about membership intake if they consider you to be worthy of membership. Writing a letter does not guarantee that you will be invited to anything... INCLUDING the rush! If you are requested by the chapter president to send a letter, by all means, do so... but otherwise, I'd avoid these.

One of the worst things you can ask a lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha is "When are you having a line?" If she thinks you're worthy, she will VOLUNTEER this information to you, without you asking. If you truly MUST know, You can ask an AKA on campus that you can trust. She can also introduce you to members of the chapter you are pursuing and take you to their public events!

Also: "I can't stand it when those who did not make the line complain to me and say they are upset because they didn't make it and they know they had better qualifications than some of my line sisters. I say keep your comments to yourself because those who did make it had nothing to do with you not making the line, especially if you think you may want to submit another application for membership!" AMEN!!!

Are you willing to make a FINANCIAL commitment to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority? It's not enough to pay to pledge - AKA's business takes ONGOING financial support. Too many people have been willing to spend a small fortune to get in and then complain about dues once they are members. It is VERY VERY VERY (did I say VERY?) expensive to maintain membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha. If you aren't willing and able to budget for it as you do all of your essentials, you don't need to pursue membership.

Alpha Kappa Alpha is not just a lifetime commitment... Alpha Kappa Alpha is a LIFESTYLE! We do not need people who only wear t-shirts or step. If you cannot make AKA and its Official Purpose a prominent part of your life FOR THE REMAINDER OF YOUR LIFE, please find another sorority.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is not OFFICIALLY affiliated with any other fraternal organization and REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU'VE HEARD. If you're SOLELY interested in a relationship with a fraternity, go hang out at their Fraternity houses.