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>>*mEeE!!*<< | *~*PiCs pAgE 1*~* | ***mOrE pIcZ!*** | !!NoTrE dAmE!! | -->E><Y BwOyZ!! | [$hOuTz!!] | !*[G]*bOoK!



**HeY! iTs [j].[O].[a].[n].[n]. ..** tHx for hiTtIn mAh syTe.. LeEv uR mArK iN tHa g BoOk b4 u Go! Plzzz lol xo cya!**


*sNowBoArdIn Kix AsS!*


~GoOd TyMeZ ToDaY~

hmmm..lets see wuh happend 2day... WAIT!! first i gotta thank KRISTINE cuzz she fixxed mah locker lock and thank god when i got bakk 2 mah locker the JOS LOUIS were styll there! aha LMAO!..thx! NICKETTES 4 EVA! lmao! me n omz got stuck in gym class 2 day! lol ahah we were on the ropez doin flips n tha ropes were tangled n it took us like haff an hour 2 get down lol....CELENA...we're OPERA SINGERZ! lmao!... that guy werkin on the road thought we were jus screamin..CORRECTION MR. we were OPERA SINGIN lmao!... well uh yeah thats all that was intrestin 2day out xo