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Movie Review

Title: Anak - anak Sidek.

Series: First series.

Publisher: Pengedaran J.A.S sdn. bhd.

Production Manager: Fazir Baharani.

Art Director: Azman Mat Sam.

Animator Supervisor: Sham Omar.

Producer: Raja Azmi.

Director: Mohd. Shadan.


            The first series of Anak – anak Sidek is the story of ‘Haji Sidek’ young age. In the beginning, the story is about Haji Sidek and Rukinah love story. Suddenly Haji Sidek fell into the river after he pass away Rukinah’s house because too much looking of Rukinah’s.


            Sooner after the incident, their romantic love story has begun. Later, they married each other and stay together in Haji Sidek father’s house.


            Even though, they had married and live happily for four year, but they still haven’t any child. Haji Sidek father’s, Haji Kamal has died just before he know his grandchild.


            After several times, Haji Sidek and Rukinah had 6 children who are Rusitah, Misbun, Razif, Jailani, Rahman, and Rashid. And now, like everyone knows all their children are the legend badminton champion for Malaysia.


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