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Report by Sifu Harlan Lee
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Sifu Harlan Lee
There was a record amount of falls at the Championship. A total of 8 Teams fell, 5 of these on the first day of competition.
We (USA Team) had a chance to win the Western Lion King title, but on a simple 180 degree turn around to a single leg stack, Calvin (head player) slipped off Cory's (tail player) leg. They fell and Cory broke his index finger, while Calvin bruised his chest on the jong plate.
All the most difficult moves where done, it was coming back that Calvin got winded. Sifu Siow said that if we had completed the skit, we could have scored 8.80, enough to take the title and a place in the top ten finals. But instead, Australia (Hong Seng) took the Western King with a score of 8.22. Australia look like they will be a force in the future with the teams age being 14-17 years old and a head player under 100 pounds in weight.

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