A Unique service is added for your dog, puppy or cat.

Paws-itively Affordable Pet Care is now offering a full service spa experience

 Although I will sometimes comb or brush your pet during a regular visit I would like to offer

longer visits provided with more love and attention while you are away.



1.  Extra exercise involving free training lessons.

2.  Brush and wipe down the coat with a pre-moistened cloth.

3.  Lots of hands on care and handling

4.  Bowls and dishes cleaned and sterilized

PAPC believes in positive reinforcement and leadership to gain discipline.  We offer free house breaking and leash training during our visits.

Adult Dog(short hair)


1.  Extra exercise with a longer walk or favorite game.

2 . Brush or comb their coat.and freshen up with a moist bath wipe. ( extra $5 for long hair dogs)

3.  As much hands on as your dog will tolerate.

4.  Bowls and dishes cleaned and sterilized



1.  Litter box duty: Scoop litter or full change and washed if needed.

2.  Massage and Brush coat as tolerated with a wipe down afterward (Additional $5 for long hair cats)

3.  Exercise by playing games

4.  With your permission we offer organic cat nip. Healthy adult cats only!

5.  Bowls and dishes cleaned and sterilized


Spa treatment can be done once or on each day you are away. 

Regular visits are at our pre-stated