We all like to get information about a company & the people who provide a service before contacting them.  This is where I would like to introduce us and provide some information about our business philosophy & the history of Paws-itively Affordable Pet Care.

Paws-itively Affordable Pet Care is your local professional pet sitter.  We are fully insured and bonded.  We are a small family owned and operated business that provides high quality care for pets within their secure environment.  No one knows your pet as well as you, so we base the care we provide on your instruction.  We are dedicated to provide continued care while you are away to insure consistency with your pet's routine.  We have seen that consistency keeps your pet happier giving you a healthy happy pet to come home to.

We began over 12 years ago with the goal of earning and maintaining trust while making life easier for pet owners.  We continue to provide a successful service using our good values, calm nature and personalized approach.  We are fully dedicated to the knowledge that your pets are loving family members.  We have the understanding that each pet and customer is different and that is what we like about them.  We are fully committed to excellence in pet sitting.  We have a lot of pride and satisfaction in our flexibility.   We can cover any local emergency or unpredictable schedule anytime throughout the day.

Our Business Practice

1. We follow a code of ethics & the Recommended Quality Standards for Excellence in Pet Sitting.              A) see insert in my book

2. We are dedicated to personalizing every visit to suit the differences of each pet and client's need,

    A) It is important to fill out the form with all the likes and dislikes of your pet at our first meeting. 

    B) This information will ensure that we won't forget anything and enables us to remain consistent to their routine throughout all future visitsPlease be sure to give me an update as changes with your pet occur.

    C) We have the understanding that your pets are loving members of your family.  As time goes on we come to love them as much as our own.

    D) We have the understanding that each pet is different and that is what we love about them. We are dedicated to personalize all aspect of care.

    E) In the event of your pet's accident or illness we like to work with your pet's Veterinarian. 

    F) It is also necessary to complete the form with pertinent information about your home, from the temperature you keep the thermostat to day of week the trash is collected. We like your home to appear as though you are at home.         

3. Our goal is to remain on a consistent routine with the care of your pet as close as can be done.

    A) This has proven to be a major factor in keeping your pet's stress level down in turn keeping a much happier and healthier pet to return home to.

    B) We are flexible enough to cover any emergency or unpredictable schedule that may come up.

    C) We are not a part time business.  We can care for your pet at any hour through out the day.        


4. Our vision is to keep you satisfied with the care your pet and home receive with the added goal of earning and maintaining your trust.

"Personal leadership is the process of keeping your vision and values before you and aligning your life to be congruent with them". Quote by Stephen Covey

We are members of: Pet Sitters Associates

I was registered with: Manchester Who's Who, among executive and professional women, 2005 edition

Name: Jan VanDoren

Start date: May 19, 1999

We cover DeLand, FL and surrounding towns.

We have a business license, are bonded and fully insured for being in your home. 



Seven days a week, including daytime & evening visits, holidays and overnight stays

We have the flexibility to cover any unpredictable schedule or emergency. 


My mission statement

"To help make the lives of pet owners easier"


My motto

"consistency is the key to being a good pet owner"

The top three reasons why I chose Paws-itively Affordable Pet Care as the name for our pet sitting business.

I. Want our name to show that professional pet sitting CAN be affordable to the average pet owner.

2. We intend to keep prices below the national average.

3. Mostly, I want you to have a positive feeling that high-quality pet care is being met by each service that we provide. 




spouse/business partner/sitter  

Our Pets

Lovie Bear at two months

                                                                        Cali Moon, rescued 2009


Lovie Bear,  came from

the Shenandoah Valley






KooKoo, adopted in DeLand

In Memory





We adopted Buffy, an American Pit Bull/Labrador Retriever mix on March 13, 2000 from a Humane Society when she was three months old


See more photos and the story of our pets in our Photo album










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Jan & Shaggy Bear

Celebrating 13 years in business 

We give one free visit for each name of a new paying customer.

Look for any current special on Facebook or our CONTACT US page.

We can be contacted 24 hours of the day.  Anyone can feel free to Email us at or use the form above. Established customers can send text to my cell phone.

Please wait for my reply!  We have been known to occasionally get away for a night or two to relax. 

see calendar for the days we book limited pet sitting visits

Jan & Lovie Bear

 March 2012