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By Daniel Cumming


Ever wondered what you do at CYT if you are not acting in a play? This article is an account of one of the jobs you could take on - being the DSM.


BYTF 2000

Once a year there is a great event in the world of youth theatres - The Big Youth Theatre Festival. It takes place in London, and we were there. Check out this account of our 2000 excursion down south.

By Alan McDonald


By Corin MacKenzie

Spooks...The Truth

Don't believe other stories you might have heard as to the origin of the "spooks" CYT phenomenon. Corin lays down the law in this article (and you don't want to mess with her). 


Spooks... What?

In every social group you meet you will find certain oddities and customs inherent to that group. Read this article and if any member of CYT should shout "Spooks!" at you, you'll know how to respond.

By Leanne "I'm mental" Foxwell


By Alan McDonald

Twelve Years from Philip

You've got too ask: Why would someone join CYT? If you've read "Spooks... What?" You should definitely be asking yourself that question. Find out why one of our longest serving members first joined the Cumbernauld Youth Theatre.


Taking Center Stage for the first time

So how does it feel to take that leap and join a Youth Theatre? Here is one personal account of how someone took the plunge and found them self right at home, and taking a lead role in his first play!

By Robert Stewart


Two of the culprits: Ally (right) & Dan (left)

CYT goes on line!

Whether you like it or not, we are living in an electronic age. This article was written at the birth of this website and charts a bit of it's history.


The Big Youth Theatre Festival

The build-up started here. Read about the plans we had for The Big Youth Theatre Festival 2000 before it knew what hit it.

By Corin McKenzie