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Movie Titles Begining With The Letter "M"

Boy VideosBoy Videos is a directory of movies featuring young male actors, both kid stars and teen-idols. Selections are listed both by actor and title. Many movies listed here are readily available for rent at your neighborhood video store or can be seen on cable tv. Most videos are linked to Reel.Com, and may be purchased online.

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Macbeth (1971) USA
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Plot Summery: Shakespeare's classic. Controversial interpretation of Shakespeare's drama about Scottish nobleman's lust for power. Gripping story told via barbaric atmosphere pleases Shakespeare and drama buffs who aren't bothered by graphic violence and vulgarity.
Stars: Jon Finch, Francesca Annis
Boy Actors: Mark Dightam (11)... Macduff's son
Director: Roman Polanski
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 139 minutes
Comments: Dightam's only scene is a frontal nude: Macduff's son, being bathed by his mother, asks, "Was my father a traitor?" (Act IV scene 1) Be sure to get the Polanski version of Macbeth, there are others. Sometimes shown on the Bravo cable channel with the boy nudity intact. Apparently the censors thought it was trivial compared to the adult nudity they had to deal with. The Ultimate VCR Freeze Frame Moment. VCR Freeze Frame Moment: Lady McDuff gives her kids a sponge bath. As they stand up in the pot and as they are dried you get a full view of the young boys penis.

Maladolescenza (1977) Germany
... aka Puppy Love
... aka Spielen Wir Liebe
Plot Summary: A boy and girl in their early teens use each other to psychically explore their budding sexuality. Things get complicated when another lass enters the picture, our young hero drawn to this beauty and his old friend now a bit ignored. As the tension between the three builds, cruel games are used to express complex emotions; might someone get hurt before it is all over?
Boy Actors: Martin Loeb (17)
Comments: Teens (boy and girl) romping in the woods briefly seen nude.

Malicious (1974)
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Plot Summary: A widowed father and his three sons fall head over heels for their beautiful new housekeeper.
Stars: Laura Antonelli, Turi Ferro
Director: Salvatore Samperi
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 98 minutes

Mama, There's a Man in Your Bed (1989)
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Plot Summary: High-level white businessman falls for black cleaning woman who helps him get back at rivals within the company while trying to feed her five children.
Stars: Daniel Auteuil, Firmine Richard
Director: Coline Serreau
Genre: Comedy, Foreign
Runtime: 111 minutes

Mame (1974)
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Plot Summery: Lush, big-budget adaptation of the Broadway musical about the life-loving grand dame. May please fans of the genre and Lucille Ball lovers; too overwrought and stagy for others.
Stars: Lucille Ball, Robert Preston
Director: Gene Saks
Genre: Comedy, Music
Runtime: 132 minutes
Comments: Young boy has shorts pulled down by another boy.

Mandela (1997)
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Plot Summery: Acclaimed, celebratory documentary depicts ending of apartheid while tracing life and political rise of Nelson Mandela. Absorbing viewing for world history and politics buffs, and fans of true-life redemptive stories.
Stars: Nelson Mandela
Director: Jo Menell
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 120 minutes


Manny's Orphans
Comments: Young boys in underwear in orphanage dorm.

Map of the Human Heart (1993)
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Plot Summery: Dreamy drama/romance about Inuit boy transplanted into Western world, coming-of-age during WWII . Its mix of triumph and tragedy, poignant romance, unforgettable characters should mesmerize offbeat drama fans, hopeless romantics.
Stars: Jason Scott Lee, Anne Parillaud
Director: Vincent Ward
Genre: Romance, Drama
Runtime: 109 minutes

Martin's Day (1985)
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Plot Summary: A prison escapee takes a young boy hostage on the way to his hideout. The two become friends while the police close in.
Stars: Richard Harris, Lindsay Wagner
Director: Alan Gibson
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 99 minutes
Comments: A 12 year old boy strips off pj's then skinny dips, seen from a distance.

Matter of Life and Death, A

Comments: 13 year old Jay North shows butt in backless loincloth.