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Ministry work at YWAM KL currently falls into four areas:

Kawan - which means Friend in Bahasa Malay is a half-way house, open 3 days a week in a poor area of KL called Pudu.  The house (a first floor shop lot) provides temporary relief for the street folk and includes:

bulletpractical help for the sick and needy.
bulletbathing and laundry facilities, hot drinks, snacks and a rest area
bulleta doctor's clinic offering basic medical attention
bulletreferrals to other service centres (including hospitals, residential homes for the elderly, children's homes and drug rehabilitation centres)
bulletbasic counselling
bulletprayers and fellowship.

The centre is staffed by YWAM KL and welcomes volunteers from other churches.  On the first and forth Saturday of the month a Doctor and medical team come to Kawan to offer free treatment to those that need it.  The house was set up in 2001 as a joint venture between YWAM KL and Full Gospel Assembly church in KL and grew out of a vision to see the needs of these people being met. (more)

UFS - The Urban Food Sharing was started in October 1999 by FGA church and set up as an Open Venture to encourage Christians from other churches to join in.  YWAM KL has been closely involved since the start and takes responsibility each Saturday for organising the cooking of food for 120 people.  The food is taken from the YWAM base to a back street in Pudu where one of four ministry teams from FGA and other volunteers come to serve the food and spend time talking to those 'friends' who come. (more)

Outreach - On Thursdays a YWAM team heads down to Kawan, collects the medical boxes and heads out onto the streets to find those that cannot come to Kawan or have yet to hear about it.  The team has been trained in how to do basic wound care and aims to minister to the 'friends' encouraging them to seek further help.  (more)

CDTS Outreach - As well as being involved on the above ministry work CDTS teams can also go on outreach to other countries.  The last team went to East Malaysia to find out what their trip was like follow the link (more).