Current Works in Progress

In this section I thought I would give you a chance to see just a little of how my head works. As scary as that seems, hang in there and I will show you my current work in progress.

I am taking photos of each step and posting them so you can see how I build from one stage to the next. It is also interesting for me to see as well. I have never given it much thought, just done it.

When I first started sculpting in earnest, I was lucky enough to have a great sculptress as a friend (Colleen Black) who showed me some different techniques along the way. Although we were never a formal teacher /student thing, we worked together and had a blast. One of the greatest things I learned from her is "it can be fixed!"

Although I am working on several projects, I have not had time to post details. Check back from time to time as I will be putting them up later as time permits. lar