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Earth Worm Jim

EWJ and Kit This is a picture I drew of Erin Middendorf's character Kit, and Jim. I drew this one for Erin, because her art got me drawing again. If you would like to see Erin's art go to Erin's Pics of Stuff! Kit is (C) Erin, and Jim is (C) Shiny Entertainment.

EWJ Aiming Jim is getting ready to shoot something, and he looks kinda scared. This was my first recent drawing of Jim (I have old ones, but they are bad, and you won't be seeing them here). Jim is still (C) Shiny Entertainment.

EWJ's Manta This is Jim's shield. It's called the Manta. I drew this one for my friend Austin (it's a long story). Jim is, you guessed it, (C) Shiny Entertainment.

A Photo of Jim I made this to look like a picture in a scrap book. Sorry it's not a real photo... he he he. Jim is, as always,(C) Shiny Entertainment.

Suit & Tie This is a picture of Jim having problems at a restraunt. This was my first attempt at inking, and think it turned out fairly well. And... uh... oh yeah, Jim is (C) Shiney. Oooo shiny!