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Ryouga-chan Mad Once again same idea as below. However, this time she is mad. Really mad.

Ryouga Change This is another piece of fanart. Same idea as below, just alittle different.

Ryouga-chan This is a piece of fanart. If you have ever seen Ranma 1/2 you might recognise Ryouga. You would also notice that he isn't the right gender...seems to be the theme of this anime section doesn't it. That is because I actually drew this after reading a fanfic where this happened.

Sheet Yes this is the same character as before, but I think this will be all for him for awhile. This picture is.... well, look at it. It's actually in color.

Lingerie Once again, the same character as below. There are alot of interesting things to consider about his problem, and they just keep popping into my head, so I draw them before I forget. This one has do do with clothes.

Meditate This is the same character as below. This time he is trying hard to mantain his form. I really do like this character. I'll probably upload some more of him.

First change This is the first anime style picture I've uploaded. It's kinda strange I guess, but it is a character from a (graphic) story I'm working on, so I'll explain. She... errr he changes sex when he gets angry, or sad, or other wise overly emotional, because he unknowingly accepted the curse to make himself stronger. This is a picture of the first time he changes, and finds out what the curse actually does to him. He is not a main character in the story, just an interesting diversion.