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Furry Art (Anthromorphic)

Last Updated: 29 July 2000

Lonely Okay, this is the first picture I have uploaded in a long time. This picture is alittle depressing I guess, but that is because I've been depressed lately. I like it, and I may have to color it someday.

SolvRaev I finally did it. I told her I'd draw this one for here along time ago when I first met her on ICQ, and she even forgot about it, but I actually did it! Yes, she does have two tails. What else can I say.

Megumi I drew this one for a new friend I met on IRC. Not much else to say aboutit. I liked the way it turned out.

Not right I have to say this picture worries me. :) Actually I came up with the idea after about 36 hours with out sleep, and I thought it was hillarious. Now it makes me wonder...just kidding. I have to say I still think it's hillarious. (Note: After stairing at this picture for awhile several days later thinking about it, right before I went to bed, I actually DID have a dream kinda like this that night. Talk about messed up....)

Waiting She is waiting for some thing. Actually I drew this one to try out a new style that I really like. That's right I'm experimenting with another new style. This time it's Michele Light's. She is incredable.

Road trip I had one of those weeks where nothing went right, but I thought I might as well draw about it, because it's funny. Yes, this actually happened to me. I haven't finished the others about that week... I don't finish pictures regularly.

Fight I love the way this one turned out. It's kinda a strange picture though, and I think it comes for me watching to much Dragonball Z. However, I think it's one of my beter ones so far.

Maria's Birthday For another of my friends. Yes I really do have a friend! Okay so I haven't seen or talked to either of them in a long time, but... well.... Anyway the picture is of me giving her my less than extravagent gift. Actually I can't say I like the way this one turned out.

Joanna's Birthday Thats right I did this for a friend of mine's birthday. The picture is of me trying to wrap her present. This one is also computer colored, but it's much better than the last one.

Cat and Mouse Okay, so this is not well colored, but I still like the drawing. It's a cat and a mouse, that's about all I can say about it, other than that it was an experiment in coloring with the computer.

Gun I started to draw this picture along time ago, and after all of the school shootings it came back into my mind. This is not the whole picture. There were problems when I scaned it (I used one of my friends scanners), and I haven't gotten a chance to rescan it, so I just edited off the parts that were messed up.

Problem She has a small problem. She doesn't have any clothes on, so she won't get up untill you leave. Makes sence doesn't it.

Jogger This is picture of a vixen jogging. The coloring wasn't what I had hoped, but it turned out good anyway.

Kiss This is another picture I made for Beth. I like the way this one turned out.

Beth and Me Beth asked me to draw a picture of us together, and this is it. I hope she likes it . Yet another one in color. The coloring isn't perfect, but I did learn alot while doing this one.

A Bad Day I had a very bad week before I drew this one (same week as one above), and this is how I felt about everything. Oh my god, it's in color.

Don't Mess with Him My very first color drawing. It's not perfect, but I think it's ok for a first try. You can also probably tell I wasn't real happy when I drew this one (bad week).

Strip 1 I've been trying to create a comic strip. This is the first thing I have come up with. Still needs refining. Tell me what you think.

To Beth Happy Valentine's Day Beth. This is the picture I drew for Beth for Valentine's Day.

Amy This is a drawing I did of Eric Schwartz's character Amy the Squirl. I love Eric's style so I had to try it. It's definatly not Eric Schwartz quality, but I like it. To see real Eric Schwartz drawings go to Eric W. Schwartz's Homepage (to tell you the truth this page has disapointingly few of his drawings, but it does have links to sites that are full of his stuff including Sabrina Online). As you probably guessed by now Amy is (C) Eric W. Schwartz.

A Mid-Evil Knight I think this drawing is okay, but something doesn't look right to me. If you have any comments or suggestions please e-mail me.

Jasmine Wow! She does have a name! Beth gave it to me, and I would like to say "Thanks". I got the idea from a picture I saw somewhere (I don't know where). I don't think they don't look alike, but if your the artist of the original, and you want me to, e-mail me so I can give you credit.

My First Sketch of Julie Oh my goodness she doesn't have a shirt on! Don't worry, I mean she does have fur after all.

A Picture of Me Okay, so it isn't exactly me. It's a picture of me as a fox. Boy I wish I had that drawing table!

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