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An Adventure Ready For Action I think this one would make a good poster.

A Superhero I created this character, and I'm going to do more with him, I'm just not sure what right now. Also he needs a name so as before e-mail me with suggestions. I will give you credit for it.

An Air Force Officer If you have ever played Half-Life (one of my favorite games), or Starcraft (not one of my favorites) the armour will look familiar. I though it was about time the Air Force Combat Controllers got in on the action.

My Tribute to DeForest Kelly I all ways loved his character on Star Trek. He alway brought a little bit of humanity to the show. He died recently at the age of 79, and as soon as I heard I started to draw this picture. (Note: This picture has nothing to do with Star Trek. It is a tribute to Mr. Kelly himself not to any one of the characters he play through out his career.)

Knight of the Order of the Six Hammers Impressive title no? This is just something I came up with. Of coarse I created an entire world around him (in my mind) as I drew him (I usally do).