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Welcome to the A(ffiliate) MALL, I
point  you in the right direction to the best products and services on the web.  This is an on-line mall that serves as a base for different companies on the web.
I display the companies products and services either on my site or link you
directly to theirs. It makes it so easy to shop for the best stuff on the web from this wonderful core source.
Enjoy this unique shopping experience, your invited  to come back for many more times after.   

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Legal disclaimer: A MALL and Tara L. McKeon are not directly responsible for the products or
services you pay for and use.  Any complaints, returns, injuries, damage to products, or  losses of any nature to do with the products and services  must be reported to and dealt with by the company you paid. As an affiliate I only  point you in the direction of these companies, in order to have an easy shopping experience on the web.

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