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Adriana's Page for LFN: Obsessed Operatives

You have stumbled into the wonderful world of LFN. Where relationships are forbidden, secrets are kept, lies are told, and rules were made to be broken.

Now that you have found my Head Quarters you can not be allowed to leave. If you do, you will be one escapes...besides...

"The world out side of these walls is an illusion. It’s not really there for us. We’re ghosts." ~~~~Madeline in Choice

La Femme Nikita is the hit TV show on the USA Network, and for many people online it is an obsession(myself included!) Surrounding the mysterious world of LFN online are many Lists, groups, writers, and readers. We watch and analyze every look, touch, emotion, and action that passes between the characters on LFN. Those who don't watch the show, stand aside and look at us as if we are crazy.

But maybe we are crazy? Insanity is a gift and a cherrished personality trait that many embrace. Here Insanity and Obsession rule!

Right now this site is undergoing MANY changes. I will be adding links, fan fiction, and other stuff.

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Nikita has made Michael smile times.


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