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Hello, my real name is Brittany Corbin and I am 13 years old, and I live in Pennsylvania, USA. I attend the Huntingdon Area Middle School and I hope to produce my own video games some day when I am older...hey ya never know. I just thought that I would make a homepage to show how great of a game FF7 is.

This page is dedicated to the greatest RPG ever made Final Fantasy 7. It is not much now but I will try to work on it some more.

Konnichi-wa! It's me again. Just thought that I would update my page a little bit. After 63 hours of gameplay, I finally beat Final Fantasy 7!! YAY!!! I don't really understand why people were disapointed with the end...I thought it was fine. All that I could see was that maybe that the producers could have put a little more info on what happens to the characters. The only part of the ending that I really didn't like was when Sephy got killed! Poor Sephy-sama!!!

I thought that I would add something new to my page this time: A shrine to the COOLEST characters in the game...THE TURKS!! They rule, expecially RENO

...his hair is really cool...and he has a neat nightstick to hit people with...hehehehe...oh yeah...RUFUS
rulz too...because...ummm..well...he has a really cool gun and suit...hehe...My friends say that I am obsessed with FF7...I even named my cat SHIN-RA...well....gotta go! Sayonara!

Please e-mail me at is you would like me to add your link to my page or if you need help with a part in the game. =^. .^=

This Final Fantasy Webring site is owned by Brittany Corbin.

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Hey People! It's me again! I thought that I would start to make a shrine to the COOLEST anime character of all (no, not Ryoga), ZELGADIS GREYWORD!!!! I must thank my friend Becky for introducing me to the wonderful world of Slayers and ZELGADIS! I will be starting a ZELGADIS fan club soon and add some pictures as soon as possible! *Could someone please tell me how to get pictures put on my site???????* I will finish this page for Slayers within a week or two! Bye for now!



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