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Meet my Chocobo "TeIoH!".
Click HERE to get your own Chocobo!

Howdy    Ho!

Hi there, I'm Al_kaiZer, and this is my Krazy Chocobo page! You can't get your own little chocobo by clicking in the designated area. Update on the Chocobo situation (although it happened a long time ago): apparently, something happened to Kefka's page and no one can get their own pet chocobo anymore. I seemed to notice something wrong as I soon noticed that poor little TeIoH wasn't growing as Wark's did. I think that it's a pity no one else can get a chocobo the way I did. If you have any questions or comments, write me at my email address. Um... that email address doesn't work anymore. My new Email address is Or was. Man, I'm different now. Well, basically, yeah. This is stuff. This page is teh suck. Word to the Wonka.

My Krazy List of Links

Chocobo Ranch:
Welcome to Kaioshin's planet!: For all of you Dragon Ball Z Fans...
South Park: Oy, South Park suxx0rs
FW_Kim's cite: Psh, don't go here. It's a waste of time
More of my cite.....:
lalalalala lalalalala I am CrAzY!!!!: uh, my 3rd cite
Al_kaiZer likes Pokemon: No I don't, it's lies, I tells ya!
SuperVegeta_2003's anime website: never completed
Al_kaiZer LOVES Tenchi Muyo: A site dedicated to Tenchi Muyo... basically

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