Your eyes like jagged rocks
boring into me
Your nostrils spew forth the fumes
of countless centuries
which are
the past
which should have been buried
with concrete and under sidewalk
where modern feet trample.
On it build a mall
a bright and plastic happiness
replacing the aching void
which seeks something to fill it
something dead and breathless and never should have been.
Replace it.
With the colors of a neon sun.
With the dull unbelieving eyes of petrified termites.
Your eyes, the jagged rocks
Cover the cavern
Of unrelenting fire.


I asked of you a question
Not on  the method
to split atoms
into two perfect halves
and to make scrambled eggs of them.

I asked of you a question
Not on catching carp
with rain bows and wings of flies
balanced with one toe
on a rusty needle.

I asked of you a question
Not on how to get from one
end of the universe
to the other
on super duper battery powered paper boats.

I asked of you a question,
Merely a question,
A little itty bitty question.


A splotch of black
On white writing paper
sitting on a desk
next to the open window where
dancing winged insects came in
and sprinkled gold dust all over the
splotch of black.

11:54 PM ~ 12:08 AM

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Copyright 1999 Amis Lee