Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time
In a land outside of time,
Came four Elvis lookalikes,
On their humongous bikes.
They were trying to find
The elixir of
Eternal popularity.
Which was something of a hilarity.
Because, you see, in reality
They had not an iota of originality.
And everyone knows
That originality (and not publicity)
Brings about popularity.
But back to our heroes.
The four Elvis wannabes,
Went on with their quest.
But alas, alack, what a shame!
The first fell into a Monopoly board game,
And was sent to prison.
The second got caught in the recession,
And had to deal with depreciated ringgit,
Which gave him a hell of a headache,
So he went straight to bed.
The third, for lying in his C.V.,
Was punished with a 21-inch T.V.,
Being dropped on him.
But the fourth was lucky.
He found the tea
Of oolong fame;
He drank it and got sick.
It was laced with arsenic.
Hey, there's a neat trick.
Go in peace, said the god of the vine;
Goodnight to you, to thee and thine.
Don't forget to take an aspirin,
Before going to bed;
Or you'll wake up in the morning,
With a SPLITTING head.

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Copyright 1998 Amis Lee