by Rayne

Daddy, I drew a picture,
I colored it, red pink and blue,
These are my favorite crayons,
and I picked them just for you.

Please, will you tie my shoes,
I donít want to trip and fall,
will you help me zip my coat,
now come on, can we play ball.

Show me how to ride a bike,
 hold my hand while I roller-skate,
please, just show me that you care,
I donít want to lean to hate.

Daddy, I sit by the door,
and listen to the cars go by,
Everyone I think is you,
 I get excited, then I cry

Believe me, I am sorry,
I didn't mean to make you  mad
Please come home, I promise you,
 Iíll be good, I wonít be bad

I told you, Iíd pick up my toys,
Iíll even clean my room,
Iíll do anything you ask of me,
 I'm crying out, come home soon!

Where have you been, Daddy,
 You're the one I ask for,
why donít you phone or write to me,
 Donít you love me any more

Donít you want me, donít you miss me,
 donít you love me anymore
from my heart I'm begging you,
 love me, your child, oncemore.

Father I am older,
 and times just aren't the same,
I've held this guilt all through the years,
 I hope you are ashamed

I feel emptiness within myself,
I've repressed it for many years,
camouflaging pain with anger,
 Withdrawing in a river full of tears,

I hope your life's been memorable,
 living obligation free,
one question will help my soul to heal,
Daddy, WHY did you sacrifice me?


Copyright 1999 Rayne