Poems by T.J. Daniels
"The Silence of Thunder"
The silence
comes crashing down like thunder.
The songs we used to hear
don't sound the same.
The sun still shines
but not as bright.
The moon and stars
still light the night
and the silence
cuts through it like a knife.
© Copyright 1998 T. J. Daniels
"The Agony In A Teardrop"
The silence of a teardrop
screams out in tormented pain.
The flood of many teardrops
is like a torrential rain.
They'll drown a broken heart
or suffocate a tender soul.
They'll flow without compassion
when they're on a roll.
They roll down hill so easily
and it's hard to make them stop.
But stop they must
when there isn't
any more to drop.
© Copyright 1998 T. J. Daniels
"Ghosts From The Past"
The words & visions are there
inside me.
I must write them down
or not get any rest.
The pain that was suffered
so many years past
comes fleetingly to the surface
if only for a moment.
But once seen
recognized & understood
the ghosts of the past retreat
back to the Long Ago.
© Copyright 1998 T. J. Daniels
Pictures of you
are in my eyes
but the night cries.
Pictures in the night
sometimes bright
and I hold onto the fantasy.
But comes the dawn
and I long for
the night scenes.
Pictures of you
are in my eyes
then comes
the sunrise
and back to reality.
© Copyright 1997 T. J. Daniels
"Heart Strings"
Heart strings
why do you flutter
whenever she is near?
Be still my heart
I do not wish that she hear.
For if she were to hear
she may not feel the same.
And if she did not
I do not wish to feel the pain.
© Copyright 1998 T. J. Daniels
"Only Silence Was Spoken"
Only silence was spoken
they didn't need to say a word.
They each knew what they wanted
and speech would come in third.
First would come the embraces
then would come the touch.
Then would come the joining
next would come the love.
© Copyright 1998 T. J. Daniels
I felt like a moth
fluttering around a flame.
Afraid to leave
yet afraid to stay.
I had a burning desire
lost all my senses.
And was trapped behind
many unseen fences.
What to do now?
I had not a clue.
Finally decided
'tis better to move.
I moved from the flame
and felt safer some how.
'Tis much colder here
but more protected now.
© Copyright 1998 T. J. Daniels
"What Might Have Been"
I looked across
a crowded room
and saw her standing there.
She had such Beautiful blue eyes
which made them a pair.
I wanted to walk over
introduce myself.
But my legs just wouldn't move
wouldn't move
they needed help.
When they finally worked again
it was too late
she was gone.
Now I'll never know
what would've happened
if my legs
hadn't taken so long.
© Copyright 1998 T. J. Daniels
"Under Lock And Key"
I must protect my deepest
painful memories.
I Must protect them
keep them under lock and key.
They are Mine
I Earned them
I paid the price.
I cannot loose them
they have become part of me.
But I Must control them.
For if not
I will loose the fight
and I Must win.
If Not
I'll be dragged down
down into that whirling
swirling vortext of dispair.
© Copyright 1998 T. J. Daniels
"Grandma And A Dime"
I remember Grandma
who every year
would send a birthday card
and a dime.
As her grandchildren got older
she wanted to increase it to a quarter.
All the grandchildren said no
that they looked forward to the card.
But more importantly
they looked forward to the dime.
'Cause it was a
Special Gift
Precious Gift
© Copyright 1998 T. J. Daniels
"We Never Said Goodbye"
We never said goodbye
and I hope we never do.
I'll never want my heart
to know that we are through.
Even though we're far apart
and many years have past
I think about you often
there's just one thing that I ask
never say good bye.
© Copyright 1998 T. J. Daniels
"The Sound of Being Alone"
I don't like the sound
of being alone.
It's like
The sound of
one hand clapping
or an actor
without an act.
Life without breath
the morning without dew.
The ocean
with no water
me without you.
© Copyright 1998 T. J. Daniels
"Out Of The Mist"
For an instant
we were one.
Then you disappeared
back into the mist
from whence you came.
I would give anything
to relive that instant
over and over again.
I will forever remember you
the crossing of our paths
was as brief as the flicker
of a fire-fly on a warm summers eve.
© Copyright 1998 T. J. Daniels
"I'll Love Her Forever If I Want to"
I'll love her forever
if I want to
even though
she never felt the same.
I had a dream
she had other plans.
I wanted her to stay
to anothers arms she ran.
But still
I love her.
© Copyright 1998 T. J. Daniels

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