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It is time for a major change in our government. The Government is taking away most of our freedoms and it has to stop.We can no longer do anything without our every step being watched. I can understand how some laws are neede to help protect us, but some other laws don't do any harm at all.Like running around naked or not paying taxes, they aren't hurting anybody. So I don't really know why they are even laws, I can understand that the government needs money for services, but hard American working men are giving up some of their hard earned salary and are paying for someone else who isn't working nearly as hard. I'm talking about welfare. I don't understand why only certain people get paid money, the Declaration said that "All men are created equal", so I think that the government should pay everyone money or pay nobody money at all. This whole topic is my opinion and I should probably change it but I'm not because it is what i think is it right until I'm proven otherwise. All of this is why I'm into Anarchy.I will try my best to make the government change,and if they don't they will pay for it Everything said one this page is my opinion and I don't want any government to take me away and lock me up for speaking my mind, so by making this page I don't mean any harm, so please don't lock me up for forever.

Some people that should be leaders

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