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Joseph Hooker

For his time he was an average general in the field. He led a Corps at Antietam and is noted for politicing behind Burnside's back at Fredericksburg. His plan had the best chance of all Union generals to defeat Lee for the first time, but failed due to the Confederate's near-flawless handling of his Army at Chancellorsville.

John Sedgwick

One of the main reasons why Hooker lost at Chancellorsville. His generalship left a lot to be desired. He later died at Spotsylvania, where his last words were, "They couldn't hit an elephant from he-."

George Meade

His Corps barely saw any action at Chancellorsville, but was eventually given command of the Army of The Potomac in late June 1863 when Lincoln replaced Hooker. He was a big reason why Lee went down to defeat for the first time. He served as the Army's commander for the rest of the war.

Oliver Otis Howard

His was the Corps that was shattered by Jackson's famous flanking attack. He later went on to serve in the Western Theater.

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