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Civil War Related Links

The American Civil War Homepage: Most detailed sight on the web
Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign: Nice description
Battle of Murfreesboro: Covers this slaughter pen in late 1862
The American Civil War Homepage: Tons of info
U.S. Civil War Center: More crap than you can imagine
Civil War Index Page: From Dakota State, not bad
Causes of the Civil War: Short and Sweet
Siege of Petersburg: Detailed description
The Civil War Trust Homepage: Help save our History
The Confederate Network: A-Z of the Confederacy
Battle of Betonville: The Last Confederate Offensive
Antietam on the Web: Not too shabby
General PGT Beauregard: More than I need to know
The Lincoln Assassination: Very Detailed
Elmira Prison Camp: Very Good
Civil War Artillery Page: For the tactician at heart
General Officers of the Civil War: I haven't heard of most of these guys
Joseph Johnston: Biography on one of the most famous Southern Generals
General John F. Reynolds: Another Bio
Terrell's Texas Cavalry: One of my favorite sights

Other Historical Webpages

History Channel Webpage: Plenty of info there
Bay of Pigs Invasion: Pissed off a lot of people
The Kennedy Assassination Homepage: As if there is any doubt about the real killers
JFK Assassination Webpage: The CIA is shaking in their boots
Cuban Missile Crisis: Tons upon tons of info
Kennedy and the Cold War: Breath-taking
Stats about the Vietnam War: Eat crap and die hippies!
The HistoryNet: Wide variety of topics
Achtung Panzer!: The secret to German success in WW2

Modern Military Related

Jane's Information Group: The World's Leader in Intelligence
U.S. Navy Fact File: What the Navy's made of
Air Force Fact Sheet: What the AF is made of
Ballistic Missile Defense Fact Sheet: A must read for Americans
Armed Forces of the World: Very damned detailed

Sports Entertainment Related

WWF.COM: For wrestling fans
WCW: World Championship Wrestling
Goldberg is 'Da Man: WCW's Best Wrestler
The soccer network: About the English Premier League

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