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How To Join The Web Ring

Thank you for stopping by!! If you are at this web page, you must be interested in joing my Webring. Pittsburgh's Best. The requirements are listed below. There aren't a lot of rules. But(groan!), there are a couple. Here they are:

1: Site must have content that relates to Pittsburgh some where on the main page or link to one of your page that does.
2: It has to be nice things about Pittsburgh.
3: It's preferred, but not reqiured that you have lived here at one point in your life.
4: I will not tolerate sexual material on the site. It must be at least a G to PG type rating.
5: You have to be a Steeler Fan!!(Just kidding)
6: You also must have the webring fragment on your page. I use ring Checker and if the site fails 3 times, I may send you an Email.

I thought rule #6 was not necessary until recently. When I emailed several sites because they continued to fail, they said I was being mean to them. Even though they had failed for over a month. SO I have added rule #6 because the webring is pretty useless if only half the members the fragment on their page. It is not fair to the members that do. See that wasn't so bad was it? Then keep going!!!

Just fill out the form below. Submit it to the Queue. I will review the site. And If your are approved, I will add it to the ring.
You will recieve and email of confirmation (or denial and why), along with the ssnb code to link you to the ring, and information on how to edit your site information.

Submit Your Site Here

Go Steelers!!! I have terrible towel fever. :-)

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