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Dracula 97, a Baron's Eye View

Dracula 97, a Baron's Eye View

Like many other fans, lovers of the night, goths, vampire authors, and listmembers from Vampyres, I attended Dracula 97 in Los Angeles in August of 1997. I had a wonderful time!
Here I am, in full Baronial gear, although I wish I'd thought to take the silly plastic name tag off from around my neck. Ah, well, one can't have everything! More photos will appear as I find friends who will lend them to me (this one's from Koi) and as I get my own scanned by other friends. It's good to have friends. Especially when you a) forgot to take your camera with you half the time, or ran out of film unexpectedly; and b) don't have access to a scanner!
This is me with Beverley, or the Baron with Inksucker, your choice. And this is myself and Johann all set to do more shopping in Drac's Marketplace! Thanks to Bev for the photos.
I still have to get mine scanned...

Blood of corpse you are here for the low-down, inside, Baron's eye view of the convention, aren't you! Yes, I can see that you are. Very well, draw up your coffins, no biting, and I will reveal the Baron's Eye View...
So wander over to the Dracula 97 con report.

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Now I've added some other links, as well!
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    This report could not have existed here without Vyrdolak/Inanna Arthen. She has my undying gratitude.