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(Legend of Magical Armors: Samurai Troopers)
 Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

    I don't believe! Somebody decided to visit this humble page! Well, excuse the dust and the nails in the ground, they are there 'cause the page isn't ready yet (Well, what can I say? This page will probably be always under construction).

    Well, my name's Rodrigo, and let's go straight to the matter. What matter? This page's matter! One of my preferred Animes, and that fortunately (or unfortunately) was exhibited in Brazil: Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Ronin Warriors). But what makes a guy like me do another page of Samurai Troopers? Well, I'll try to explain...

    Everything began with Saint Seiya. Before Kurumada's fans chide me for what I'll say below, I admit that I owe Seiya a lot. After all, the sucess it reached here in Brazil allowed me to see Samurai Troopers. ^_^.

    Returning to the subject, when I saw the first episode of Saint Seiya years ago, I knew that the series would become very popular in Brazil, for the simple fact it wasn't that stupid "things" the Americans made us see until then (sorry all americans guys. It's not really your fault. It's brazilian and american bussinesmen fault). But I didn't THAT! Saint Seiya literally exploded in Brazil! Well, Saint Seiya continues one of the most popular anime series that I had the pleasure to watch. Well, isn't a surprise that when I saw the first episode of Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, the first thing that I thought was: " Copy of Saint Seiya ". I couldn't be wronger...

    Samurai Troopers have been make to appeal to Saint Seiya's same audience, but it's not a " copy " of Seiya. He can have "boys in powerful and coloured armors", but the likeness with Saint Seiya finishes exactly there. Seiya seems to have a cast of thousands, and many of them the spectator will never know, since they disappear or die in the series. Anyone heard Lionet's name in the series? Or knows what happened to him after the 12 Houses Battle? Troopers, on the other hand, has a dozen characters, more or less, and the spectator gets to know and even worry about them (or at least with some). While Seiya seems to happens in the modern world, the events of the series never really seen to have a plausible effect in the world. Events in Troopers affects -- a lot -- the world.

    In spite of the whole mythological background, Seiya is actually a simple (and very long) battle. Well, not as long as Dragon Ball Z, but still a long battle. There are very little mysticism or magic, and after the first season, all internal conflict of the characters finishes, the opposite sides becoming as different as black and white. Everything that they do from there on is to seek the next opponent to knock him down. Troopers is full of mysticism, making references to the Japanese mitology and history all the time (isn't a Rurouni Kenshin, anyway, but it's OK) and it's opposite sides aren't so opposite, several surprises occuring during the series.

    Personally, I ended up enjoying more Yoroiden Samurai Troopers than Saint Seiya. Troopers seems to have more "meat". Despite of it, not much was said about the series in the specialized magazines (just one thing: not much in a fan's opinion isn't necessarily not much, if you understand me). Perhaps because Troopers isn't a mecha series or a anime with many pretty girls in a minimum of clothes as main characters. Perhaps because they have thought the same about the series I thought when I saw it for the first time. Who knows, after all? But I'm not here to discuss that (because if I start to do it, Sailor Moon and Gundam's fans will probably kill me at sight...) I'm here just to dedicate a corner to them and to pray for, some day, the series starts to be broadcast in Cartoon Network. Again. Well, I can dream, can't I?

OK, after all this talking, I deserve a cofee, right?

Oh, My! Still here? Well, liked the pics? Then take a look on these!

For all who wants to learn a little bit more about the series, here is an excellent revision of the series. Thanks to Patricia Munson-Siter for it!


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