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Ascension of Soul
Site Rules (Effective 10/98)

1. The term "Homesite" refers to the designated site acting as the homepage for Ascension of Soul

2. The term "Keepersite" refers to sites or webpages linked to the designated HomeSite for Ascension of Soul

3. The term "Keeper" refers to any fan of Maxwell and his music and may be a volunteer responsible for maintaining a site or webpages on the Ascension of Soul web ring .

4. Fans contributing or submitting information, muszical inspirations, poetry, URL's, thoughts, positve comments, pics,audio, video or that is in any way supportive of Maxwell's ascension qualifies as a Keeper of Maxwell.

5. Ascension of Soul will be made up of individually fan developed and owned web pages/sites linked to the a single webpage/site (the Homesite).

6. The Homesite for the proposed Ascension of Soul will contain only Maxwell related information and provide links to Keepersites maintained by designated "Keepers".

7. One or more "Keepers" known as the "Suitemaster" will be responsible for setting up, maintaining, and registering the Homesite for Ascension of Soul with some of the more popular search engines (Yahoo, Webcrawler, Excite, etc.). 8. "Keepersites" are privately owned. Keepers are the sole owner of their pages/site, and are responsible for maintaining the information on his or her site and are bound by the rules of their chosen webpage service provider.

9. Keepers are responsible for getting expressed written permission (from the appropriate parties) to reproduce, copy, or link to sites containing Maxwell information contained on their websites/webpage (i.e. if you post photos, sound clips etc. on a page(s) that you are maintaining, you'll be responsible for ensuring that no copyright laws are broken.)

10. All "Keepersites" maintained sites should contain a standard "Back To HomePage" link. (For instance if someone clicks on the Maxwell page maintained by Lyric, that page should provide a link back to the Maxwell Homesite, giving the appearance that all pages are housed on one site.

11. All "Dead" links (inactive/closed Keeper sites) will be removed from the Homesite by the Suitemaster in a timely manner.

12. Keepersites determined to have old, false, misleading, anti-Maxwell literature, or inappropriate information may be disconnected from the Ascension of Soul webring without prior notice. Where possible, active suitekeepers will be consulted before the site is disconnected. Sites containing anything Anti-Maxwell will be disconnected without notice!

13. Keepers should notify the Suitemaster of changes in URLs so that the link can be updated or removed from the Homesite.

14. Keepersites or pages linked to the Homesite should contain only Maxwell related information. (No personal stuff like what's going on at work or college or home etc.) Poetic expressions or other literature inspired by Maxwell or his music are okay. A Welcome note on your page or dedication is okay too! But in general, your links should be all about Maxwell.

15. Keepersuites should contain who the suite is sponsored by, your keepername, and a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS for the sponsoring keeper. That way if visitors have comments, they can contact to directly.

16. Keepersuites should contain only links to pages or site relevant to Maxwell or the suitekeepers themselves. Links to sites, that link to site, that link to sites, outside of the Ascension of Soul webring should be removed. In other words "CLOSE THE BACKDOORS!

17. In the event that the designated Suitemaster (homesite keeper) decides to discontinue/close the Homesite, any of the Keepersites may be designated as the new Homesite as agreed upon by a majority vote of active keepers.

18. At least two Keepers should maintain a list of Keepersite links so that if the Suitemaster discontinues maintaining the HomeSite, the list of links can be used to create a new "Homesite"

19. Fans submitting photos, poetry, video clips, information, thoughts, poetry, developed webpages or websites will be recognized as keepers where possible. i.e. a tour photo submitted by a fan could include the captioning "Submitted By FanName Date and Location"