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Hi Iím Astrogirl. I am a fellow Pretender Fan, so I wrote a Fan Fic. I hope you enjoy it, if you have any comments please e-mail me thank you.

Disclaimer...I do not own the rights to the NBC show, The Pretender. This is written for the enjoyment of fan fiction.


Half an Evil

Weeks pass everything goes back to normalÖ but does it ever go back to the way things were?

 In every life worth remembering, there is a turning point. A moment in time when a decision is
made, and the course of a life is changed. A wrong turnÖa second too early or too lateÖ and
things might have been different.

For Lyle, that turning point is only moments away and once it is reachedÖ

It can not been taken back.

Drew lies on the ground.

Drew doesnít movie.

He wonít see him again.

He will never hold himÖ

Never comfort him after a bad dreamÖ

Never know how much he really loved him Lyle screamsÖ and finishes

Ten years later.

Lyle shivered; he was cold yet he sweats all over. The room was dark the curtains closed.
Beside him lay a somewhat empty whiskey bottle. A drip falls from the opening and splashes
into a small puddle under the bottle.

"What's wrong with me, Anyway?" Lyle not realizing he spoke aloud.

"Why me, Why now. I had to. I couldnít stop it." Lyleís anger rages inside him. He snaps. His
grip tightens around the glass in his hand. The glass smashes under the pressure. His arm flyís
across and hits the bottle, leaving it to smash on the wooden floor of his apartment. Whiskey ran
on the floor in to a pool of what looked like blood. Lyle sat up and left the room.

One single ray of light shone into the room. The light hit a single piece of glass. The glass
soaked in blood. Like water the blood beaded and ran down its jagged edge to meet the pool of

Lyleís blood covered an opened draw to his desk. Under a few sheets of paper in the draw was
a .45. The metal shone. The gun was loaded the safety off, the hammer back. The gun rested
comfortably against Lyleís temple. His grip tightened so did the trigger.

Ring, Ring.

The phone. Lyleís eyes opened. He rested the gun on the desk, and picked up the phone.

"Yes?" his voice emotionless.

"We got him this time"

"What, who?"

"Jarod, Lyle are youÖ beep beep"

They didnít get to finish Lyle hung up. He looked at the gun and then at the door. Lyle grabbed
the gun and walked out the door.

Jarod sat cross-legged on a wooden floor starring at a phone. Nothing was in the room but him
and the phone. Jarod went to grab the phone, but stopped. He then continued to reach for the
phone. He punched in a number he knew too well.

Across state a phone rang and rang. A bathroom door swung open. A dripping Miss. Parker
came walking out. Her wet hair resting on her shoulders. Her wet hand picks up the phone.


No answer, she tried again. "Hello!"

She was just about to hang up when he spoke.

"I trusted you. I donít now if I can again"


"No! Iím sorry, yet you sent him there!"

Beep beep!

Miss Parker stood with the phone hanging in her hand resting beside her. The phone call left her
confused. She hadnít seen or spoken to him since the accident at the park. Her fingers touched
her lips she turned and left the room. She was already late this was just delaying her more.


The doors to the elevator opened. Out stepped Lyle. Hair rustled sleeves rolled up and his
jacket resting in one arm. Lyle walked over to his office. Broots standing by his favorite candy
vender, noticed Lyle, who had not been at the Centre for the last two weeks.

As soon as Lyle opened the door Bridget sitting on his desk in a short skirt and her leather jacket
greeted him.
"Where ya been Luv'?"

Lyleís head to ground looked up. "We donít have Jarod do we?"

"No I just mist ya"

Lyle had had enough of todayís happenings. "Get out!"

"What do you mean luv?"

"Get out and take that shitty accent with you.

Bridget left and slammed the office door behind her. Lyle slumped in his chair behind his desk.
Could his day get any worse. Lyleís office door opens and Miss. Parker entered. Then again.
Lyle gave a glance over to the wall and then back at Parker.

"What?" no enthusiasm at all.

"Nice to see you again"

"Aww Shucks"

"Have you told anyone?"

"No, now leave"

Miss Parker left. Lyle got up and left his office.


Mr. Parker looked up from his desk. "Come in"

Lyle entered the office of his supposed father. "I need a few weeks off" Lyle was intimidated by
his father.

"You have already been away for two weeks" Mr. Parker went back to what he was doing.

"I really need the time off"

Mr. Parker didnít lift his head. "You have one week"

"Thank you, Sir" Lyle turned to leave and bumped into Miss Parker. They silently passed
each other.

A car pulled up out the front of a newly built cottage in the middle of nowhere. Lyle stepped out.
All around was silent, Lyle circled around. Bush as far as the eye could see. The door to the
cottage opened. On the other side of the door was a woman no older than he was. The woman
didnít speak, but she went to shut the door. Lyleís hand went up and pushed it open.

"We have to talk"

"If Danni find you here, he will kill you"

"Thatís a risk Iíll have to take"

"Come in" The woman led Lyle to the study and closed the door behind her. "Say what you had
to say then leave"


The lady was shocked at the word that had come out of Lyleís mouth she had to sit down in a

"Marry" Lyle walked over to where Marry sat. "They won, I canít do anything now. Its time to
give in"

Marry suddenly got up. "Bullshit its not over till its over. Isnít that what you said, isnít

"What the hell is that son of a bitch doing here!"

Lyle looked over to the doorway were a tall solid man stood.

"Danni he was just leaving"


"No, I have to straighten this out" Lyle walked over to where Danni stood.

"I didnít kill your son. You knew it would be dangerous to keep him. It was a risk you had to

Danni grabbed Lyle by his collar. "You should have killed him all those years ago"

"I canít kill my own son"

"But you can kill mine"

Marry walked over to Lyle. "Heís not your son, heís you"

"What the hell are you going on about?"

"Tell him Lyle"

Lyle walked over to the window and looked out in confusion.

"Andrew was Lyle's clone"

"You canít be serious"

"The test backfired, and Andrew had to be destroyed. Lyle couldnít do it"

"Thatís it, Iím going"

Lyle went to exit the room but was stopped by Marry. "Take this"

A small test tube containing a green liquid rested in Lyleís hand. "He should take it every three

Lyle looked at the his hand. "There is not a day that goes by I donít think how things might have
been" Lyle turned and walked out.

Lyle sat in his car for a while staring at the test tube in his hand. His foot slammed down on the
pedal and speed of down the street.


Lyle arrived back at his office three days later. Mr. Raines was in his
office waiting for him. "We hate it when people betray us"

Lyle knew what it was, his safe was open and the picture was gone. "I have no idea what you
talking about"

A sweeper threw the photo at Lyleís feet. His eyes didnít follow the photo but stared right on

"You lied, and there is only one thing we do to people how lie to us"

"No" Lyle's yell echoed throughout the Centre. The two gunshots that followed were silenced,
no one knew of what had just happened.

By Astrogirl

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