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Some Poor Attempts at Humor By me and my Friends.
What's in a song

Have you ever heard a song that you have said 'That is so much written' about my friend'. Well I have and that's what I'm doing with the characters from the Pretender. If you can think of a song that matches a Character on the Pretender just email me it and Ill see what I can do.
Song Title/Artist
Sample a bit of the song
Jarod song for the dumped/Ben Folds 5 (ok its just one line)
Miss. Parker Bitch/ Meredith Brooks
Lyle Smack my Bitch up / Prodigy
Mr. Parker Asshole
Broots When I come around/ Green Day
I still need ones for Sydney Mr. Rains Kyle and Angelo
Pretender T-Shirts

All great shows have T-shirts, but the Pretender doesn't so I've made my own. If you have a design, feel free to submit it.
                    Front1                   Front2
                                         Back2                    Back3
                                Back4                Back5
Who is It! 
Which Pretender Character has met the warp machine
E-mail or post on the message board you guesses
I have not yet got around to posting the quotes but, I have a link to a page with some very funny quotes from the Pretender
Sea Child's Quotes Page
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