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The Lies We Hide 

Hi Iím Astrogirl. I am a fellow Pretender Fan, so I wrote a Fan Fic. I hope you enjoy it, if you have any comments please e-mail me thank you.

Disclaimer...I do not own the rights to the NBC show, The Pretender. This is written for the enjoyment of fan fiction.

The Lies We Hide

The door to Commander Marshals Office opened and a woman and two men entered. The Commander looks up from his newspaper. The front-page read ĎCorrupt Pilot jailed for life after the murder of Captain Jonesí.
"Whereís Jarod?" the woman was clearly Miss. Parker and the two men Sydney and Broots. "Donít you mean Captain Pierce, he got transferred." The Commander got back to his newspaper. "Another came by looking for his partner Drew."
"Lyle that bastard". The three of them leave the room.


Jarod stumbled in the dark down a passageway, at the end of the passage the light glowed under the door. Jarod opened the door. Drew knelt over the toilet his hand on the wall; he vomited in to the toilet. "You ok!"
"What do you think, I fell like shit!" Drew grabbed some toilet paper and wiped his mouth. He got up and flushed the toilet. Drew walked back to his room and flopped on his bed.
"Are you going to be ok, Drew?"
"Yeah, You go back to bed, Iíll be fine." Jarod went back to bed not to get up again till the morning. Jarod walked past Drew's room, he looked in- Drew was no where to be seen. Jarod went to the bathroom. Drew stood over the sink; he lent down and put his face in the water then bought it back.
"Jarod I canít go." Jarod smiled and put his hand on Drew's shoulder.
"Itís ok, you need some rest." Drew left and went to lie on the couch. Jarod had a shower and got dressed in his usual black clothes.
"You need any thing?"
"Aspirin, thanks." Jarod left the hotel room and walked to the elevator. He reached over and pressed the ground floor. Jared walked through the lobby and out the front door. The sun was bright so Jarod put his black Sunnis on. Jarod began to walk down the footpath.
Back in the hotel room Drew was getting really sick. His brown hair was now wet through making it look black, his green eyes were now blood shot. Drewís face was dripping with sweat. He just lay there; eyes closed clutching his side.

Jarod entered the Drug store. He approached the counter "Aspirin, please."
The man behind the counter went over to a shelf and grabbed a little box; he put it on the counter. "3 Dollars."
Jarod put the 3 dollars on the counter and picked up the box. Jarod walked out of the store and down the street. He put the box in his pocket. Jarod walked about 5 blocks then he reached a Bank. Jarod looked up at the worried above the door. He entered the bank and over to the safe deposit box. He looked across up down until he came across number 4089. He looked at the key: it read 4088. Jared put the key in the box next to it. It opened.

Jarod looked in. Nothing. The box was empty, until Jarod had another look. In the back corner something reflected the light. Jarod reached in and picked up a small key. Jarod put the key up in the light; the key was slightly rusted and had the numbers 6 and 7, which Jarod hardly noticed.
"Can I help you." Jarod jumped- a woman dressed in a suit stood behind him.
ĎShe must work hereí he thought. "No Iím fine" Jarod turned away but the woman still stood there. "What! Have I done something against your policy?"
"No, but we donít use those keys any more. Those boxes have been thrown out."
"But I have to find this box."
"Ok what number is it."
"Um," Jarod had another look at the key "number sixty-seven."
"I'm not supposed to do this but Iíll do it for you." The woman walked down the passage covered with boxes to a box numbered 67. She lent down and opened it. The door swung open
to reveal a single photo. Jarod lent down and picked it up. "Thank you, so very much."

The woman blushed and locked the door again she turned and said "Now, donít you tell anyone." Jarod smiled "I wonít," and she walked away. Jarod looked at the photo; it was a pale in colour, it was of Lyle. It was taken about 17 years ago. Lyle stood in front of a building; it was hard to tell what building it was. Jarod turned it over to see a message on the back: the words that were written shocked Jarod he put in his jacket pocket and left the Bank. It was dark by the time he left.


Jarod opened the hotel door. "Drew" Jarod called out. He entered the main room; Drew lay asleep on the couch. Jarod wrote a note on a piece of paper; Aspirin on bench, out back by 12. He left the note on the table by the couch and walked out the door. Jarod didnít tell Drew were he was going, he couldnít he wouldnít understand.


10.30 PM and Jarod had just arrived at the apartments. Jarod gazed up to one window in particular: the lights were of and blind down. Jarod got out of the car and went inside. Jarod forced his way into the apartment. He walked in it was dark and little light from out side filtered through the blinds. Jarod got something out of his pocket and left it on the table next to the phone and then he left.



Miss. Parker walked into her office "Iím going home, Iím not needed!"
Sydney looked up from his book; Broots from his computer and both gave Miss. Parker ĎI donít careí look and went back to what they were doing.
Miss. Parker walked out into the car park and to her car. The lights flashed on her car and she opened the door and got in. 20 minutes later she arrived at her apartment by his time it was 11:30 PM. Miss. Parker searched through her keys finally she found the right one and opened her door. She closed it behind her turned on the light. She pulled off her glasses and lent on the back of the door and closed her eyes. Miss. Parkerís eyes opened to a familiar noise, the phone. She walked over and picked it up "Hello" no answer.

Miss. Parker slammed down the phone; a piece of paper fell to the floor. She bent down her knees and looked under the couch and there it was a white piece of paper with ĎMeet me!
Saturday, midnight Lion Parkí. "Jarod" her words were mealy a whisper.


Saturday 11 AM



Jarod woke up late and was just getting in to the shower. The warm water ran down his body.
He put his face into the stream of water and thought about the hours to come. ĎI must do this, I have to lie to Drew. He canít know where Iím going, So I can search for the truth, and tell it.í

Suddenly the water ran cold he had been in it for over 1 hour. He jumped out and got dressed. Jarod sat at the table looking at Drew asleep on the couch and started to think that he couldnít do it. He couldnít lie to the only person he could trusted. By the time Jarod made his mind up

it was already 10:30 PM. He was going. He walked past Drew who still lay asleep on the couch. Jarod opened the door looked back a cold sweat ran down his back. The door slammed behind him. Drew got up from where he laid and looked at the door.


Saturday 12:15 PM


Miss. Parker stood in the dark on a lonely hill the wind blowing her hair in her face. She brushed her hair out of her face. Someone seized her hand; she turned around "Jarod". She couldnít see his face but she knew it was him. "What did you want to tell me?"
"What about Lyle?"
"I canít tell you, you have to see for your self!"
"You made me come here so you can tell me that you canít tell me. I see no point in me staying here!"
Miss. Parker turned to walk away when Jarod grabbed her hand.
"Wait. I have something for you." He pulled her close she could now se his face in the moon light he grabbed her hand and in it he put the photo. "Whatís tÖ" Before she could finish her sentence Jarod lent forward and kissed her. Miss. Parker closed her eyes his kiss was soft. This was the moment she wished for but not like this. As quickly as he came he was gone. Miss. Parker opened her eyes to see Jarod walking down the hill she stood on.

"I got you this time Jarod. Your brothers not here to help you!" Lyle stood 10 meters away from Jarod to his right. Jarod looked up to where Miss. Parker stood he couldnít see her, she was hidden by the trees that surrounded her. Jarod looked back at Lyle with disbelief. Jarod had now
where to go.

"No, but I am" Drew walked out from his cover under the trees. The sweat on his face shone in the moonlight. Drew pointed a gun at Lyle head.

"Why you doing this Andy?"
"Donít call me Andy" Lyle's gun swung around to face Drew.
"Donít do this Drew"
"Oh and you can kill me, is that right"
Drew clutched his Teeth; his body was in extreme pain. A cold sweat ran down his back.

"What the F**k are you talking about"
ĎDonít give me that bullshit you know very well. Look at me Iím death and its all courtesy of you"
"I didnít mean for this to happen. I tried to hide you, but they found you. I couldnít help it!"
"Bull shit. Its all Bull shit!" A tear began to roll down Drewís cheek. "How could you do this to me. Your Son, how could you!"
The pain became too much drew yelled a yell of pain and fell to the ground. Lyle walked over to where Drew knelt. With one eye Drew looked up at his father at Lyle. Drew clenched his teeth and got up to face Lyle. The pain didnít seem to matter anymore. He got up and punched Lyle once in the face then in his chest. Now Lyle knelt on the ground. Drew drew his gun to point and the back of Lyleís head. Drew's thumb pulled back on the hammer his finger tightened around the
"No, donít do it!" Jarod reached out and put his hand on the gun Drew held and lowered it down. Lyle looked up to see someone watch whatís going on up on a hill.
"Parker" Lyle got up and reached for his gun. He stood and began to aim the gun at Drew.
"No!" Jarod jumped on Lyle making him fire his gun. Miss Parker had seen and heard it all; she found it all hard to believe. The gun shot made her jump. She felt a sharp stabbing pain in her chest, she looked down her white silk blouse was starting to turn red. Her head began to spin; she fell to her knees and fell to the ground.

"No" Jarodís yell was more like a scream. Jarod grabbed Lyle by his shirt and gave him a hard one in the face. Blood began to run down Lyle's lip. Jarod didnít stop there. He hit Lyle 2 more times. Lyle laid on the ground blood ran down his head and mouth, Jarod was just about to kick Lyle when some sweepers came running over the hill.

Broots and Sydney ran over to Miss Parker. "Get an Ambulanceí. Jarod watched from the car parked out side the Park. He blamed him self for getting Parker shot. He looked over the back seat Drew lay unconscious on the back seat. Jarod lent on the steering wheel ĎWhat have I done.í The only person he really cared about and he may have helped in the killing of her.

The Ambulance came screaming into the emergency ward. A pale woman in a stretcher out followed two Paramedics. Doctors and nurses to be taken in to an emergency ward rushed her in to the hospital to be met. "You canít go in there." Sydney was taken out to the waiting room. Lyle sat in a chair with a bandage on his head and some ice on his lib. His plan had worked, but had it really. He had shot his own sister. It would keep her quiet, But for how long. Lyle shook his head and rested it in his hands.

"Shit!" Lyle got up "Shit, F**kin shit!" Lyle kicked the seat he had sat on. "Um.. Excuse me, are you with the woman with the gun shoot wound"
"Yes" Syd answered "Is she alright."
The Doctor hesitated "Sheís in a serious condition, weíll have to wait. Iím sorry." The doctor walked off.

Lyle hands where behind his head he turned away from Sydney. "You did it, didnít you" Sydney grabbed Lyleís shoulder and made him turn to face him.
"It was a accident, I didnít mean it!" Lyle paused "Jarod, he jumped me the gun fired. I didnít mean to hit her." The tone in Lyle's voice told that he meant it. The electric doors opened and Mr. Parker walked in
"Oh Shit" Lyle turned to the wall.
"Howís my Angel?"
"Sheís fine"
"I want to hear what the doctor has to say." Sydney called for the Doctor.
"Lyle what are you doing here, you had nothing to do with this did you!" Lyle continued to look at the wall he couldnít face him he couldnít not after what he had just done. Slowly he turned- he had to tell him the truth about it about it all. Lyle was just about to tell Parker when the doctor came.
"You can see her but for only just a minute." Lyle stood at the end of the corridor and watched as Parker followed the doctor down to Miss Parkerís room. Lyle slowly followed he only stood at the door. Mr. Parkerís first words were too predictable: "How did this happen to you Angel ?"
"She shouldnít talk."
Miss Parker lay in a bed she felt little pain from all the penicillin she had just had. She glanced over to where Lyle stood in the door. He looked like a little scared schoolboy. He knew what would happen if daddy found out. He looked banged up. For some reason she felt sorry for him.
"Daddy I didnít see the shooter." Lyle couldnít believe it. At any chance she had she would usually take it. Miss. Parker looked over at Lyle.
"Daddy, Syd. Could you please leave me alone with Lyle?"
Lyle's throat sank as the others left. Miss. Parker lay still in her bed. The room was silent. Lyle was waiting for the inevitable. "Lyle, I know about Drew."
Lyle turned away. "Here you might want it." Miss Parker handed Lyle the photo. Lyle took it out of her hand. "I wonít tell. If you wonít"

Lyle couldnít believe the words that came out of her mouth. Lyle walked out of the room and down the corridor with the photo in his hand. He walked straight past Mr. Parker and Sydney and out the door. It wasnít till he got in his car when he looked at the photo. It was of him all right. He stood in a black suit in front of the Pentagon. He turned it over he still remembered what it said. He still read it again.

It read;

Iím sorry I left. I had to go. It jeopardized my work at the FBI.
If they find Andy I will never live it down. Iíll watch over him.
I canít stop these people. I have to join them to save Andy.
Iím Sorry.
By Astrogirl

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