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Hi I’m Astrogirl. I am a fellow Pretender Fan, so I wrote a Fan Fic. I hope you enjoy it, if you have any comments please e-mail me thank you.

Disclaimer...I do not own the rights to the NBC show, The Pretender. This is written for the enjoyment of fan fiction.


988 The Centre

Blue Cove, Delaware


The door opened a middle-aged man wearing a black suit and a white lab coat enters the corridor. The corridor has no windows and is completely white with one light in the middle. The light slowly swings left from right. The noise of his steps echoes as he walks down the long corridor. A bead of sweat runs down his forehead and then falls from his chin hitting the floor with a soft splash. He reaches the end of the corridor to approach a sealed steel door. The man reached in to his lab coat pocket to retrieve a small piece of plastic the size of a credit card. He lifts his hand and swipes the card down the side of the door. It opens to reveal another corridor with lights all along he roof, cells lined the sides with doors much like the one he had just opened. He walks towards the only door in that corridor to be guarded by fully armed men in black suits. The man approaches the door with caution a wave of fear crosses his face. To open this door his fingerprints are needed to allow access to only certain people him being one of then. A green light above to door flashed "ACCESS GRANTED" the door swung open. The man cautiously enters the room. The room was completely dark except for a single beam of moonlight that filters through the bared window of the room. After a while the
man finally spoke " Ii, it's ti, time for ar, your needle". It seems the man is talking to no one.

Then a voice from the corner of the room "Joey my boy, Have I ever told you I HATE NEEDLES" the voice sounded like one that of a grown man. The man in the lab coat flew back hitting the wall and fell to the floor. The man didn’t get up -he just lay there. From the corner of the room a human figure got up and moved into the beam of moonlight that lit up the face of a boy maybe 7, 8. Out in the corridor the guards still stood at attention. The door of the cell they are guarding flies off and across the corridor, right of its hinges without an explosion. The two men that guarded the door both look into the cell with unusual expressions on their faces to be comforted by the boy swinging down and knocking them both to the ground. The boy got up and stood at the other side of the corridor and leant up against the wall. The guns that the guards had been holding flew out of their holsters to land in the hands of the boy. He raises the guns
one on each guard. His fingers tighten around the guns the boy squints his eyes closed tight.

The guns let out a stream of electricity into the bodies belonging to the guards putting them into shock. The boy also fires down each direction of the corridor, which is now filling with more guards. The boy doesn’t seem to notice all the guards and proceeds to walk down the corridor. The light globes that light the corridor one by one explodes as the young man passes them. At the end of the corridor there is a T section. The young man keeps walking forward until his nose almost touches the wall he closes his eyes tight and the wall explodes out he continues to walk into the night. The boy begins to run into an empty field. He keeps running until he reaches the
end to come face to face with his greatest fear- his father. He turns to run the other way, he’s surrounded. The young man collapsed to his knees and places his head between his knees and begins to weep. "Drew, you can't escape. I won't let you" The young man's father addresses him. It starts to rain a crash of thunder made the boy shudder. The boy raises his head the rain hides the tear that rolls down his cheek and his eyes blood shot and all he can say is ‘Why’ as his father raises the same gun he had used on the guards and fires at his. The boy lets off a scream as another tear falls from his eye.



1998 The Centre

Blue Cove, Delaware



Ten years pass. The boy now lays on a metal trolley the type you find in a morgue, but the boy is no longer a boy but a young man. The room is completely empty except for some wires that run from the young man into a hole in the wall that lead to a control room; In the control room there are 3 men in white coats working frantically, only one man stood in one place he was looking into the viewing glass, he whispers the words

"I’m sorry Drew I’m sorry". He turns to leave when one of the men in white coats approaches him "He’s waking up Sir". "Let me in" he yells at the man in the white coat, "Yes Sir" He replies. The man enters the room he approaches the young man. The young man's eyes open he gets up and ends sitting on the side of the trolley to
come face to face with the man he now hates for putting him in this position-his father. The young man looks to the floor "Look at me" his father demands. The young man replies the only way he see fit with these words of
wisdom "Fu** You".
His father replies with a slap across his face. "Take him away" Drews father tells the guards who now stood in the room. They grabbed the young man and took him out of the room. The young man now fully dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans with black shoes on. He is taken to a room with his father in it.

"No hard feeling eh’ Drew?" Drew's father broke the silence. Drew just stood there not moving. "You do realize you were an accident" His father told him.

Drew's eyes closed. Drew breathed in deep his eyes opened again. "You Fu**in’ bastard" Drew raised his fist to come and strike his father on the side of his face. His father got up blood trickled down from his mouth.
"I’m the only reason you’re still alive," his father yelled at him. Drew’s father walked up to the only window now his true identity was revealed in the reflection of non other than Mr. Lyle.


Drew turned his head away from his father for only one second to come crashing down to the ground and have his father standing over him with the handle of a gun hanging out of his hand. Drew came to in a cell with only a bed in it. Mr. Lyle along with Mr. Raines enter the cell. Drew sits up back against the wall looking at the men who have just entered. Drew is taken out of the room down many corridors into a room with only a single chair in it drew was throw into the room and was left there. They had kept this a secret from everyone, how would they react with this.

Broots came running into Sydney office, after he caught his breath he told Sydney the news of a new prodigy. "Ten years, Ten years how, why?"
Sydney questioned. "Ahh I shouldn’t know this, but he’s been in a coma for ten years, they’ve been feeding him information," Broots paused "You know how people can hear while their in comas and remember stuff." Broots told Sydney. Sydney was upset at this news that he was not informed ten years ago, but Miss Parker was aggravated to have found out from Broots.


Miss Parker went to have a word with her father about this. " Why wasn’t I informed earlier!’ Miss Parker informed her father.
"I didn’t think it necessary" Mr. Parker told his daughter. Miss. Parker stormed out of her father's office. Broots Sydney and Miss. Parker entered the room in which Drew was. Drew looked up from the floor where he sat sweat ran down his well-muscled body. He was asked to stand up Drew almost stood 6’2" tall. Drew sat in the chair that was in the room. Sydney was the first to speak
" I’m Sydney" Sydney put his hand out in gesture for a handshake. Drew just sat there and said nothing. Sydney pulled his hand in and swiftly placed it in his pocket.
"I haven’t got time for this shit," Miss Parker said angrily. Drew finally spoke as the three of them went to leave the room "Fu** you got PMT or something, gee?". You could see Broots have a little giggle on the inside. Miss. Parker stopped in her tracks for about three seconds then continued to walk out the room. The corner of Drew’s mouth smirked in satisfaction.



1998 Randy's Motor Inn

Some where in Dallas

Jarod picked up the roadrunner Pez dispenser that sat on the table next to his laptop. Jarod pulls back the lid and let the Pez fall into his mouth. Jarod gives of a smile of satisfaction. Jarod was about to have some more Pez when his laptop beeped. The beeping meant he had mail. Jarod picked up a char and swung it around he sat down and rested his arms on the back of the chair he next rested his chin on his arms at the table. He began to type; all that was written on the E-mail was the word "PRODIGY". Jarod thought to himself what does this mean ‘I saved the young boy’. Jarod had to find out. Jarod got working he hacked into the Centre's main frame. Jarod popped another Pez in to his mouth as he began to search the files.


After an hour Jarod let off a "Bingo". Jarod had found the file he needed. "Aren’t you a handsome devil, who are you" Jarod asked the file as he opened it. The file had not been updated for ten years. It simply read that his name was Drew and he was that he had the right DNA for the prodigy. As soon as Jarod finished reading the file he got up from where he sat and headed to the door. The midday sun hit him in the face Jarod squinted his eyes as he put his sunglasses on.

"Jarod, have you seen Lilly" an old man approached Jarod.
"I saw her by the pool" Jarod answered the man's question.
Jarod continued to walk to the car that was parked at the other side of the Motor Inn. The car door open Jarod got in. He turned the keys to hear the engine roar, his foot lowered down on the accelerator to go screaming backward out of the car park.


1998 The Centre

Blue Cove, Delaware


About two days later Jarod pulls up at an empty field with concrete well like thing in the middle. The way he got out and knows the way he will get in. ‘Here we go again’ Jarod thought to himself In the centre Drew just sat in the corner of the cell on his bed. Drew had just had his first simulation. Drew thinks to himself ‘Ever since then, I can't even bring myself to say it. Ash I’m sorry I should of done something’.

A tear rolled down Drew’s cheek. He almost began to cry, but he wouldn’t let him self. Drew slide down onto the bed and closed his eyes, he just laid there for a while and the rolled to his side. Drew opened his eyes to see someone in the corner of the room. "Who’s there" Drew got away from where he lay. The person who was in his room spoke
"They said you were 8". "Yeah, ten years ago!" Drew said with a smirk on his face. "I’ve come to help you escape" the man spoke again.
"Is this like a test or somthin'? Like to see if I'll do it" Drew asked the person who stood in his cell. The person in Drew’s cell slowly moved so Drew could see him. "No, I’m serious" the man was clear to see now it was Jarod. Jarod told Drew that they had to go now, Drew has nothing to lose
‘What the hell’ Drew thought and he followed Jarod in to the maze of ceiling ducts that went throughout the Centre.



"What do you mean ESCAPED?" Mr. Lyle was pissed off, he was yelling at 2 guards who were supposed to be guarding. Miss. Parker, Sydney and Broots walk past this argument to the cell in which house Drew. Miss. Parker was the first to enter the room; She scanned the room something on the bed interested as she got close she knew what it was. "JAROD" Miss. Parker threw the object at the wall and the walked out pushing through Sydney and Broots. Broots bent down and picked up what looked like a headless Pez dispenser and next to it a head of woody the woodpecker.



1998 Back at Randy's Motor Inn

Some where in Dallas


Drew awoke in the back of a car. Sun streams in thorough the windows, the sun hurts Drews eyes. He puts his hand up to block out the sun that hit his face. Drew slowly got up from were he lay. He opened the door and got out, he looked from left to right with no warning he began to run for the exit. Drew almost reaches the exit and he has a swift look behind him to turn around and knock into Jarod. "Where you going to go?" Jarod asks
"Just away" Drew says as he gets up and begins to walk away. Jarod reaches out his arm and puts his hand on Drew’s chest making Drew stop in his tracks. "Wait, they’ll come after you," Jarod pauses "Listen, I’ve been out for two years and they haven’t caught me yet, what do you say?"
It took Drew a while to say something and when he did it came out like a whisper "Ok, I guess so, its better than going back". After hearing these words Jarod smiled and offered Drew a Pez. Drew smiles and took one out of Batman’s head and put it in his mouth.
"So, What’s your name kid?" Jarod asked his new companion.
"Andrew, just call me Drew" Drew happily told Jarod. They both went into Jarod's motel room. Drew found a seat on Jarod's bed.

"Tell me about your self" Jarod asked Drew as he opened the fridge and got out two cans of coke. Jarod chucks one to Drew. Drew hesitates to tell Jarod of his past but something tells him that he must tell someone the truth. Drew begins to tell Jarod
"It was early 1988, Ash was driving home from a baseball game, I had made a homer that day. Ash was 18 even thou I wasn’t his real brother, he still treated me like one. It was dusk and Ash had just turned the car lights on. We were talking about baseball and stuff when the car stopped. It was the first time I had heard Ash swear
"Shit" it was."
Drew gave off a little laugh then went on telling his story. "Ash was just about to have a look when the car started up again. ‘You ok Andy’ Ash always called me Andy even thou everyone else called me drew. We set off again; it was half an hour to the Kingston’s. Next what happened I don’t even understand myself, but I’ll tell
you anyway. Something tells me I can trust you."
A tear began to run down Drew’s cheek as he went on. "A light, bright. It lit up the windshield. Ash turned the wheel and put the brakes on. The car began to spin then it happened. The car hit a tree on Ash’s side. Looked over his eyes were wide open blood was running down his face. He was dead.

I scrambled out of the car. I screamed for help, no one came then the light it came back. That’s all I remember, but my father I see his face in the light. I first met him a year before this so-called accident. He wanted to take me with him, they wouldn’t let him. He kept coming back every week."

Drew finished his story; Jarod just sat there astonished at his story."Ever since I can do things I couldn’t before, I just have to think of it and it would happen" Drew added to his story.
"Like!" Jarod asked finishing his can. Drew closed his eyes "Watch the can" Drew told Jarod. Jarod looked at the can, it began to rise into mid air then dropped.

"That was amazing" Jarod looked at Drew amazed.
Outside the room a screeching car drove into the car park. Mr. Lyle gets out along with three goons. They all approach the room that Jarod and Drew are in. Inside they hear them coming. "We have to go" Jarod yells to Drew in the bathroom. Drew runs out dressed in a white shirt, black pants.

"I thought you never get caught?" Drew yelled at Jarod.

 "Well not yet, and I have no intent to either" Jarod reassured Drew. Drew was just about to jump out the window when Mr. Lyle and the Goons entered the room.
" Drew don’t make me shoot" Mr. Lyle yelled in Drews direction.
"Like you Fu**in’ won’t" Drew jumped out the window and ran to the car in which Jarod was in.
"You had the chance why not take him?" Mr. Lyle turned around to see Miss Parker in the door way. "I don’t have to explain myself" Mr. Lyle stormed out the room.



1998 Unknown

Some highway somewhere in the U.S.


"Were we headin’?" Drew asked Jarod behind the wheel.

 "Arizona" Jarod passes Drew a little red binder book.

"What’s this?" Drew asked Jarod. Drew opens the book the front page has a newspaper clipping with the heading ‘Pilot Dies in fatal crash’ under the heading is a picture of the pilot. He looks young about 25. "So, what does this have to do with us going to Arizona for?"

"This crash was no accident, and were going to find out why this man was killed."

"You're crazy, like what can we do!"
"A lot".
Drew shook his head and smirked at Jarod.
"So why are you  bringin’ me along for."

"I could use some help."

"Yeah, Like a Sidekick."

"Yeah a sidekick"


The car vanished into the horizon. Jarod and his new sidekick Drew are off on their way to Arizona Air Force

By Astrogirl

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