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X-Files Border Backgrounds

Honest to God, I liked the way my Tripod background site was. I planned NO changes to it, but a policy is a policy, and Tripod says we must update our sites every 30 days, or they go 'POOF'.

So, under this law, I bring you this tiny place. It features a tiny selection of X-Files border backgrounds.

Why is the selection so small you ask?

Well, I can make a multitude of backgrounds. It's easy for me to do so, and so, it's not that much exciting anymore. So instead, I thought of just providing you with the possibilities of my work, which of course you can use to your enjoyment, BUT, I would like to offer a different service:

If you have an X-Files website, and just in case you want, come to me with your favourite image, and I can make a border background especially for you out of it. I can make a few even, to cater to your wishes. It gives me great pleasure, and I'm interested to see what images people might choose. You just have to state first if you want a light coloured background, or a dark coloured background (I usually choose a colour from the image itself, but you can tell me if you want it plain black or white, too), and you have to tell me if you want it smoothe, or texturized.

So look down below, and see if anything here suits ya. if not, write to me at and ask for that special X-Files background that you want. Just don't forget to attach your chosen image to the email. If you don't have an image, and you want to leave it up to me, I have a great selection of Mulder, Scully, both of them, and a few additional characters. Just let me know what you want.

Anyway, my tiny request for my efforts is just some promotion... Just add a link to this page from the page(s) featuring the background(s) so that others will know where to find me if they want to. That is all I ask.

Link to:

All the best,


Examples of my Work

1024 x 80, 7KB

1024 x 120, 36KB, texture

1024 x 130, 23KB, texture

1024 x 100, 7KB

1024 x 72, 6KB

Textured backgrounds are heavier, so if you want your page to load faster, stick to the non-textured images. If you want your site to look better, and are willing to be satisfied with a slower loading time, then textured backgrounds are for you.
I do try to make my backgrounds as light as possible, though.

And so we come to the end of another web page.

As your host, I hope you enjoyed your stay, and please come again.


And now, let's get back to Background Compulsion         

Disclaimer: "The X-Files" was created by Chris Carter and belongs to 1013 Productions and Fox Broadcasting. I do not own these images. I use them without permission, but intend no copyright infringement. I will not earn any profit from the above shown images.