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Hi-Tech Performance Riding School For English And Western Collected And Speed Dressage Combined


Don't Be Fooled! "A Wooden Tree Only Fits A Wooden Horse."


John Bozanich is one of the most accomplished equestrian Masters of our time. Please click on the equestrian items or subjects you are interested in. John can help you with ALL of your equestrians questions and equipment needs.

  • All about the Boz Obsession - 1993 World Record Symposiums, no other Equestrian can come close.BOZ Profile
    The Perfect Balanced Stop BOZ on Blossom - a Spanish Barb Mare - showing how to do a perfect slide stop (Running in front and sliding in rear. Boz is up off her back with loose reins in a balance position when riding a Boz Saddle.

    • Bozzage Students Point of View

      Mike Jepsen

      ODE TO BOZ

      Chris Knoch #1

      Chris Knoch #2

      Trotting on Water By Jeff Herten

      Kathy Swanson (Pleased owner of a BOZ Saddle

      Pat Warkus, M.D.
    • 6 Major Reasons Why You Should Buy A Boz Saddle 6 Majors Reasons

    • Riding By Reasoning(The MOSTscientific studies about the saddles and riding positions of all disciplines)Riding By Reasoning

    • Boz Saddles - The most scientfic designed and built saddles in the world. Made with the patented Boz flexible tree.Checklist


        1. Custom designed zip up riding pad to carry or store your Boz Bare Back Saddle complete and also enough room for your Headstall/Bridle, Lead rope, Bit, and Reins.
        2. Custom designed breast collar.
        3. 24" Super cinch with sheepskin cover.
        4. English stirrup leather brackets with automatic panic break aways.
        5. 1" English stirrup leathers (numbered)
        6. 3" or 1 1/2" specially designed spring stirrups out of unbreakable plastic for lightweight and rubber treads for foot comfort.
        7. (2) large custom bucking rolls that fit right up into your inner thighs for even more security at any speed or direction you want to go.
        8. Heavy duty hand hold - made out of rawhide for total support and maximum security with a sheepskin hand protector.
        9. This saddles weight is approx. 4 lbs.
        10. You will feel more horse under you than you have ever felt before. Totally bulkless!
        11. Heavy duty cinching latigo's (numbered)
        12. Comes in natural, black or brown leather. Stamping available at an extra charge.
        13. Forward hung stirrups for the ultimate performance ride to achieve an all speed basic to advanced handle.
        14. Learn a more advanced balance riding position with this saddle and have more security than you could even imagine.
        15. The Boz Bare Back saddle is totally treeless. It is not a hard pommel and a hard cantle sewn into a bareback pad and called treeless, when it is really a solid 1/2 tree saddle with the hard pommel pinching the withers and a hard cantle driving into the loins, which I call kidney punching (like a boxing match).
        16. Check out more pictures of the Boz Bare Back Saddle on our Website!!!!

        Ride Hard - Ride Fast - Ride Boz Bareback
        Patent Pending

      1. Boz Bareback BeforeBareback Before
      2. Boz Bareback AfterBareback After
      3. Boz Bareback OpenBareback Open
      4. Boz Bareback Saddle on Go GoBareback GoGo
      5. UltimateSaddleUltimate
      6. English Delight and Slick RacerEnglish Delight-Slick Racer
      7. Black Beauty Black Beauty
      8. Mountain RacerMountain Racer
      9. Swell Fork Swell Fork This saddle shows a swell fork with black and brown leather and no horn
      10. Cutter, Race and Light Barrel SaddlesCutter,Race&LightBarrel
      11. Little Barrel Racer SaddleLittle Barrel Racer
      12. Bulkless Rigging,Velcro Pads System, Interchangeable Horns, Wooden Tree & Shoes vs Modern Day Shoes and Boz Air Flow Boztic Springflex TreesBulkless Rigging,Velcro Pads System, Interchangeable Horns, Wooden Tree & Shoes vs Modern Day Shoes and Boz Air Flow Boztic Springflex Trees
      13. Ultimate with Alum. Horn with Custom Grape vines stamping Grape
      14. Ultimate with Alum. Horn and Full Western Fenders with Performance Seat Ultimate Full Western Fenders
      15. Ultimate with Alum. Horn and Full Western Fenders with Pleasure SeatUltimate Pleasure
        Boz custom hand tooling on this Ultimate Pleasure Trail is exquisite to say the least. Just looking at this picture makes you want to relax and have a great time.
      16. Ultimate No Horn Pleasure SeatUltimate No Horn
        This shows a top view of the Ultimate Saddle without a horn, it show the flat Pleasure Seat.
      17. The Mule SkinnerMule Skinner This saddle fits mules like a glove. Performance seat, forward hung stirrups, full western stirrup leather, 1 1/2 Performance stirrups. You will be able to do 80% more with your mules in this saddle and your mules will love you for it.
      18. Black Beauty for a Mule Black Beauty for a Mule This Black Beauty with the Boz Swell Fork Springflex tree is shown here on Rosebud, a beautiful mule. This saddle shown here comes with a Back Cinch and also a crupper ring.
      19. Slick Fork Black Beauty Slick Black Beauty
      20. Slick Fork Black Beauty Slick Black Beauty Front View
      21. Ultimate Slick Fork Ultimate Slick Fork
      22. Regular and Narrow Twist Trees Narrow Twist
      23. Rough and Ready Barrel Racer Rough & Ready
      24. Leather Horn Race Saddle Leather Horn Race
      25. Black and Brown Special Order The Performance Saddle
        A. Two tone leather Black & Brown
        B. Performance seat placing you right behind the withers not on the loin.
        C. Forward hung stirrups not forward slung stirrups like all other cutting saddles.
        D. Comfortable forward sloped gear bronze horn.
        E. Medium rounded skirts so they don't dig into the horses loin.
        F. 1 1/2" performance stirrups.
        G. Interchangeable sponge comfort bars or pads to fit all of your horses.
        H. Boz Patented Springflex Air Flow saddle trees. This is the saddle of saddles.
      26. Ultimate Slick Fork with Large FendersUltimate Slick Fork with Large Fenders
      27. Mountain Racer Slick Fork Mountain Slick Racer
      28. Ultimate Slick Fork Ultimate Slick Fork
      29. Boz Pony Ring Boz Pony Ring The Boz Pony Ring lets you pony your horses safely.
      30. Shire vs ArabShire vs Arab 13.2 Arab and a 18 hand Shire, showing how the Boz Spring Flex Air Flow Saddles fit both horses without doing absolutely nothing to either saddle for a perfect fit on each.
      31. Side By Side View Side By Side View A side by side view of the Arab and Shire
      32. The Sports Agility SaddleSports Agility Saddle The Sports Agility Saddles are available in all colors. These saddles are great for Gymkhana or All Speed Events.
      33. The Ultimate Black Swell ForkUltimate Black Swell Fork This shows The Ultimate saddle in Black Leather with no horn
      34. The Snow WhiteSnow White Swell Fork This shows The NEWSnow White Swell fork saddle with sheepskin top
      35. The Snow WhiteSnow White Swell Fork Black Leather This shows The NEWSnow White Swell fork tree with black leather

      Boz Saddle Worksheet

      Design your own BOZ SADDLE Boz Saddle Worksheet
      Print this saddle worksheet and design your own personal Boz Saddle. There are more options available, if you need help please call John and he will be happy to help you, 559-539-2179 When complete fax or email order form to us.

      Boz Bare Back Saddle Worksheet

      Design your own BOZ BAREBACK SADDLE Boz Bareback Saddle Worksheet
      B Print this Boz Bareback Saddle worksheet and design your own personal Boz Bareback Saddle. If you need help please call John and he will be happy to help you, 559-539-2179 When complete fax or email order form to us.

    • Assortment of Equestrian Equipment and Saddles - Teaches and trains horses 80% faster than any other.1st.Page

    • Bozo the Desensitizing Headless Horseman or Bucking Dummy. Bozo starts them and you put the finish on them. Bozo can out teach, out train and out ride any human on any horse, on any day. He never makes a mistake. Bozo is exactly the same every time and every day he rides.

    • Bozo The Desensitizing Headless Horseman or Bucking Dummy and Training VideoBozo
      If you don't use the Boz Bucking Dummy THEN you become the Bucking Dummy!

    • Bozo The Desensitizing Headless Horseman or Bucking Dummy Close-upClose-up of Bozo This shows a close up view of Bozo The Desensitizing Headless Horseman.

    • Handmade Leather HeadstallsHeadstalls

    • Handmade Leather Deluxe Breast Collars Breast Collars

    • Boz Smooth Skin Leather Treatment Smooth Skin
      This by far is the greatest leather conditioner you will ever use. Works fantastic on all leather goods. It even works on dry and cracked hands. Totally environmentally safe.
    • The Monte Foreman Bits are humane, versatile & efficient, Click here to see why. The Monte Foreman Bit

    • Bozzage Training, Clinics & Symposiums
      First of their kind! PHD
    • The Boz Rig The Boz Rig This is therig that will come to you for a Bozzage Clinic. Please call if you are interested in attending a Bozzage Clinic or if you are interested in holding a Bozzage Clinic in your area.
      Training,Clinics,Lessons and Accomodations Price List
      The Horse And Riders Training Evaluation Test
      BOZ OBSESSION Clinics (Persons to Contact)
      Upcoming BOZ OBSESSION Clinics

    • Boz Custom Boots - Handcrafted to last a life time.Boots

    • Boz Shoeing - Boz can teach you if you are a beginner or owner that is interested in making sure your horses are getting the best foot care available or if you need advance training in orthodics. Boz can teach from beginning to the most advance shoeing techniques known
    • Boz Custom Shoeing ChapsBoz Shoeing Chaps
      The Boz Custom Shoeing Chaps after 30 years as a Shoeingsmith, has designed a pair of chaps that work, and that are safe.
      1. Double Pockets for knife and pick.
      2. Left and right side large pockets for rasp and nippers, no more laying them on the ground. "GREAT FOR TRIMS"
      3. Nail pouch attachment on both sides.
      4. Breakaway belt.
      5. Large security patches for inner thigh and knee protection.
      6. These chaps are the best money can buy.

    • Boz Videos - The most educational tapes on the market today. BOZ You Edit



      1. Completely work a saddle tree or full saddle in any position of 360 degrees vertical or horizontal and lock it there in seconds and never leave your position. Work on the horn or cantle even with the draw down strap in place.
      2. Adjusting height is 33" low to 55" high.
      3. Foot release and locking leaver to spin or height adjustment.
      4. 24" Chrome base for stability.
      5. Custom designed working stool, available. Sit and releax, make your saddle come to you.
      6. The stitcher used to be the number one piece of equipment in your shop. The Third Hand will be now, because you spend so many more hours at it than any other piece of equipment in your shop.
      7. It will pay for it's self after only 1 saddle and you will never use an old draw down stand again. That I guarantee.
    • 4 views of The Third Hand saddle building stand4 views of The 3rd. Hand
    • Large view of The Third Hand saddle building standLarge view of The 3rd. Hand

    • PRICE LISTPrice

        Denali Draft Horses "Home of Monarch the most loveable Shire in the world"
        Endurance Net
        Equestrian Search Engine
        American Horse Network
        Worlds Largest Single Source of Information and Services for Donkeys, Mules, & Zebra Hybrids.
        Minnesota Horse Fair

Special Thanks To:
Jerry Mairani for scanning all of our pictures and words of encouragement
Jim Walker for being there to answer all my calls and my many, many questions.

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