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The Troop 21 Web Page
Welcome to Troop 21's Web Page
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Hi my name is Mike Woodall, I run troop 21's web page. our troop has been on runing for about 5 years. We are located in Lancaster, Ohio Simon Kenton Council at St. John's Episcopal Church If you live here in Lancaster and would like to join our meetings They are every monday at 7:00 Pm A little more about myself. I am 14 years old. I have been in this troop now for 3 years I am in the OA and am going on to Star rank I just went to Philmont last summer with a few others from my troop in the links below it will tell and show you more about my adventure I would also like you to sign the guestbook!

About The Troop
Philmont Expiditon
Patch Trading
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