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Our Rocket Collection

Estes Alpha III
Estes Space Shuttle
Estes X-Ray
Estes Black Brandt II
Estes Phoenix
Estes Sizzler
LOC Aura
LOC Caliber ISP
Estes Zinger
Estes Firebird

Custom Rocket Builders

Under Construction

Rocket R&D 3.9 Standard Arm (PICS)
Rocket R&D IRIS

PML Bull Dog
Rocketman Praying Mantis



LDRS 18 , Argonia, Kansas

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A list of rocket vendors

  Apogee Components


  Discount Rocketry

Dr. Rocket


       Magnum Rockets

        Orbital Dynamics

               Pratt Hobbies

    Programmin by Pete

     Public Missiles


          Rocket R&D

    YellowJacket Launch Systems

B & M Rocket's activity reports

Launch 1. September 19, 1998    
Launch 2. October 20, 1998    
Launch 3. November 14, 1998    

March Manufacturer of the Month

Hats of to ya J.R. and Co.

Some of our Rocket Photos

Estes Alpha IIIAlpha III      Estes Black Brandt IIBlack Brandt Estes SizzlerSizzler   Estes ZingerZinger LOC Caliber ISPCaliber ISP. LOC AuraLOC Aura     Estes Phoenix PhoenixOur FleetOur Fleet

 We need mystery rocket pictures !!

 Mystery Rocket

 Answer: Nasa Pegasus from the 1984 Estes Catalog.

 Congrats to December winner Ted Proseus!!


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Last updated March 22, 1999.

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