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Note: Some of these entries were made around the time that the Monica Lewinsky scandal was hot, and several people with too much time on their hands apparently targeted the websites of anyone who was perceived (correctly or not) as politically liberal - including this one - with hostile messages.

Anonymous guest.

just droped in to see what you guys get up to!Great job!
Am a huge huge fan of christopher reeve and wondered whether you could say hi!
we need an organisation such as so in england where I live.

ijeoma nwaneri

Ron Silver is the man of my dreams!


Thanks for the great page! Iwatched Ron Silver on PI this evening and as ever was impressed. Now I know where to get all the good info on a gentleman I have admired for some time.

Cheryl James

Thanks for the info on the Creative Coalition. Your page said that you are moving to Chicago for a post-doc? I'm at U of Chi. in the law school, and would like to get a member of TCC to come speak. If you have connections to members or would like info on the event, send me an e-mail at the above address. EKF

Ellen Fulton

Hi Barbara,
I saw Social Security in 1986 and got the chance to meet Ron Silver. At that time he was a great guy. Very personable and sincere.Talking with him & marlo Thomas was the highlight of my trip to NYC. I have cast photos from SS,so if you need any,email me and I will scan them and send them to you. Very informative site. Good work!


thank you so much for this page. i am a 22 year old female, and i have the biggest crush on Ron Silver. He is one of the best actors there is. I really admire him for his political activism.

corinna carpenter

I am so happy to see Ron in a sitcom again,(Veronica's Closet)I have been a fan of his since his Rhoda days. VC is a funny show and should really showcase his comedic talents

Tippy Thornton

Barb, you've created an excellent tribute page for Ron Silver, one of our finest Amercian actors. I've seen most of his films and try to catch his tv appearances. I'm delighted Ron is now in Victoria's Closet, his presence is so strong and masculine and his superb comic timing makes him a fitting sparring partner for Kirstie Alley who wipes out most actors. Keep up your fine work.

Darlene Sullivan

I was very impressed with the article on the Ron Silver web site from the Wall Street Journal (1998) concerning Israel's right to defend itself. I was wondering if you could tell me how to contact him so that I can show my support for his views. Thank you.

Janet Goldberg

This is Corinna Carpenter again. I totally adore Mr. Ron Silver because he is so intelligent,talented,and he seems like he is a reaaly good guy. Because of Mr. Silver,I have become interested in politics. I want to be as involved as he is. The man is my heartthrob.Mr.Silver,if you ever read this,I'd just like you to know that this fellow New Yorker has been inspired to get active in politics because of your activism. Also, I love to watch reruns of Rhoda, and I think Gary Levy is cute.

Corinna Carpenter

He's such a great actor! I am not going to bash liberals, but I sure am glad he is a republican. We need more! Feel free to drop by my page and sign the guestbook


Republican? He supports Giuliani, but he has also supported Bill Clinton in the past and tends to advocate for causes that are generally considered liberal (rightly or wrongly). In any case, this page is nonpartisan - Welcome!
Thanks for the great page. I'll be back.

Joan Reynolds

All you Ron Silver fans, keep your eyes open for "Love is Strange" and let me know when it will air. I've been looking all over the place. Thanks!!

eddie vandel

I also thoroughly enjoy Ron Silver's various performances. In a recent appearance on Poltically Incorrect, he stole the show.

Karen Lawler

I noticed Ron Silver, when he was on tv, and i was changing the channel, and i thought he sounded a lot like al pacino. i am a stanch al pacino fan, and i started wondering if al has a long lost brother, because, i think ron has some similarities to al. maybe cousins??

p hogan

I love Ron Silver, Finally a great actor being recognized.


Ron Silver is the greatest!

Anonymous guest.

Is Ron heartbroken now that Bill Clinton is impeached? Now that his hero president is forever and rightfully stained in the pages of history?

Soujourner Truth

Barbara sez: Gee, wouldn't it be ironic if "Soujourner (sic) Truth" (who has left gratuitous, long, and typo-laden anti-Clinton diatribes on this page before) were neither female nor Black, given the even greater (if possible) support for Clinton among women and African-Americans than the general public?
Ron should be very proud to have you as his webmaster/biographer. Great job!

Gary E. Roebuck

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