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Note: These entries were made around the time that the Monica Lewinsky scandal was hot, and several people with too much time on their hands apparently targeted the websites of anyone who was perceived (correctly or not) as politically liberal - including this one - with hostile messages.

Aw the little shaver . . .

Charles Neiman

This links to a Clinton-bashing site (if you change the last slash in the address to a period), if you're so inclined. Maybe Charles and "Soujourner" (see earlier Guestbook message) are pals - or alter-egos (hmmm).
I have been a fan on Mr. Silver's for a long time. Thank you for creating this page just for him. The pics are great!

Carole Campbell

Hi There :-) You have a great page! I just watched 'The Entity' again and thought I'd look for some info on Ron... Keep up the great work! XXXX Kelster


ron silver is great. i have just recently seen alot of his films, there is just somthing about him. i think it is his voice. he is just simply gorgeous


He is a flaming liberal asshole like most of the people who have visited and commented in this guestbook. I saw him on Politically Correct also and found him to be a typical hollywood ILOVEBILL jerk. Ann Richards can go to hell also!!!

not a silver fan

Thanks for the Ron Silver Page. He is one of the best dramatic actors I've seen and I also love his comdedic roles such as in Veronica's closet. He's a natural - I also happen to think he smolders with an intense, intellectual sexuality!!! I watched "Love is Strange" last nite and thought he and Kate Nelligan were excellent. A sad, touching and much too realistic I'm afraid movie with an ironic yet humouous ending. Kudos to Ron for all of his work.

Linda Clark

I am interrested info on how to join the creative coalition

David Grand

Great web page. I just watched "Love is Strange" and cried for two hours. Ron S. is one of the great actors of American!


Hello, I am the guy who "kiised" Valentine in the Undead Express. I played the part of Barnabus..How was I, haven't seen the flick. Regards, S

Sam Bornstein

What a wonderful page! I am so glad to see that my best friend and I are not the only ones who think Ron is "easy on the eyes" (many of my friends had never heard of him before Veronica's Closet, but I remember having a crush on him when he was on Rhoda -- I was about 5). And, for those of you who didn't catch "Love is Strange" on Lifetime, it is a "must see" for Silver fans. Thanks for the INTELLIGENT info -- I will be back often!

Jessica Langlois

Barbara - what a well-organized, easy to use, and pleasurable web site! I've admired Mr.Silver's work for years, and now I know why : intelligence & passion are a powerful combination.

DonnaMaria LaBrasca

A flaming liberal asshole? I don't know about that! I do know that I have the world's biggest crush on him, and I'm going to be doing a research paper on him for my English class in collge. I admire him for his activism,and I could care less if he is a liberal. More power to him! He was great on "Rhoda" as Gary Levy, and he is equally as great on "Veronica's Closet". He is so incredibly sexy. Keep up the good work, Mr. Silver. You're number one with me.

Corinna Carpenter

Good job on the page and I really like Ron Silver, think he is a very good actor and very distinctive.. great voice!


Congratulations. Muy interesante.
Raśl Vily

Raśl Vily

Ron Silver is one of my favorite actors
he was so funny when he played Gary in the show Rhoda.Another great thing about Ron is he is a graduate of the coolest high school ever!


I discovered the excellent Ron Silver in Chicago Hope (my favorite serial until the leaving of Mandy Patinkin) for the first time, but I really had the eye-opener which made me very interested in this great actor in Veronica's Closet. Yes, he's too funny and only a master actor can be considered as a serious guy in most of movies and be so funny in a sitcom. Thanks for your wonderful work, Barbara, and thanks to Ron Silver to be so good.


Great web page you have here. Very informative. I'm glad to see someone has taken the time out to dedicate a page to this multi-talented actor. Keep up the good work!


I admire Ron Silver, provited that He“s a good actor!! My Congratulations!!!
Good luck!

Gilberto Torres

i agree wholeheartly he has got to be one of the greatest actors of our time. and cutest! Well take care and God Bless You


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