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thanks for all the info,will be visiting again

sue jackson

Hallo Barbara. A few weeks ago I saw "The good policeman" on the Dutch television. A beautifull movie. Then I looked in the websites and found your website with the list of movies Ron Silver appaers in. And I remember "Enemies, a love story" and "Reversal of Fortune". Indeed he is an intensive, electrifying stage and filmactor but most of all I like his voice. Maybe I am more sensitive to voices because of my singing in a well known choir in Holland (classical music). Greetings from Marjolein

Marjolein van Loon

thanks you very much, for your web page and all the information i get from it.

madrid, españa


I think Ron Silver is a great actor and I have really enjoyed the movies and tv shows that I have seen him in.

Elsie Morris

Ron Silver is the best.

Renata Carvalho

hey, pretty good site on ron silver. i'd have to say though, that you missed one of his movies in your filmography. it's called "ratz" and i think it was presented by showtime around 1998 or 1999. just thought i'd mention it. anyhow, the site's great, and it's given me a list of other ron silver movies to check out...thanks!


felicidades por su pagina, me parecio muy interesante y completa, ademas el sr. ron silver es un excelente actor. saludos desde méxico.

marco rivas

I think Ron Silver is a great actor and I love your web site you did in his honor.


I have been watching your movies since I was a little kid and I just found out you were a graduate of UB. I have taken some acting classes, but I'm a business major and I was wondering if I could talk to you about how you got your career started. Thanks for your time and have a great holiday.

Keith Mansfield

Your page is very well done. I remember Ron Silver in an "American Playhouse" film on PBS around 1990, with Mia Sara and others. I would like to remember the name of the film. Did you happen to catch it, and do you recall the name, or could you help me to find it out? Thanks!

Daryl Harmon

Barbara sez: "The only film I know of that had both Ron Silver and Mia Sara in it was 'The Arrival.' I cannot recall any PBS American Playhouse film with them in it, but if you find out more, please let me know. Thanks!"

Great web site


I enjoyed your web page. I think Mr. Silver is totally under rated as an actor. i had no idea that he has such an impressive academic background. He's a brain and a cutie pie.


I was Mr. Silvers stand in in the upcoming movie ALI.
It was very rewarding for me.
I enjoy your site. It is a fitting homage to Mr. Silver


Just stumbled onto the Creative Coalition website. It's so heartening to discover that there are still liberal political thinkers in Hollywood. It can't be an easy position to be in out there, but a lot of us 'regular folks' very much appreciate the willingness of celebrities to take a public stand for liberal thought. Thank you for the work your organization is doing. Thank you for being public champions, both in the Industry and in the Media. It has an important impact.

Mary Elsener

Great website! I'm glad to see someone put together a website on this wonderfully talented and handsome star. I've always loved him! Thanks.


Great job,everyone.I will continue to support your work,by helping Chris Reeve's cause out as well.You guys are doing a great job with your awareness campaign for him.thank-you!


Thank You.
Lance Silver

Lance Silver


Recently told that Ron Silver is my cousin. Would enjoy sending him a e-mail since I have so few relatives left alive. Can you be of any help?


Doug Sloane

This is my third time visiting the page, but I would like to leave another message, in case Mr.Silver visits this site. Mr. Silver,I have been a fan of yours for five years. I admire you not only for your wonderful acting, but also for your political and social activism. I think all the work you do is truly great. You have been an inspiration to me. May God bless you.

Corinna Carpenter

I think I speak for everyone on this site when I say that Ron is a very underated actor. He even made "Time Cop" worth watching! He has carved out a niche playing bad guys and he is very good at it! Does anyone out there know who is agent is so I can write to him?

Andrew Pullen

Great web site


I have been here a few times before (Don't worry-I'm not a stalker!), but I adore Ron Silver so much, this is the only place I can really talk about him. I have been a fan for 6 years now, and I am still in love with Ron! I admire him a great deal because of his activism and his devotion to it. He is like no other. I wish I were his lady! God bless you,Mr. Silver, and have a wonderful and happy 2003.