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Baskets & Balloons From The Heart

Express yourself. Give a hug of affection... a joyful wish...

hearty congratulations... a show of pride... a pat on the back...

a caring embrace... a sincere thank you... a boost...

a burst of laughter...

Just about anything you want to express, we

can wrap up for you a gift basket that

has original style, esquiste taste,

and unmatched quality.

Convenient + Concierge Style + Business Gifts

If you Remember Us....

They"ll Remember You!

Gift Giving Just Became A Whole Lot Easier!

Gifts for Corporate... Personal... Home... Holiday... Special Occasions...

"Themed Gift Baskets" for any holiday occasion!

E-mail us today for your gift-basket needs from our unique selections

Creative, High-Quality Themed Gifts For Any Occasion!

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So go ahead - Feel free to express yourself with the most creative,
high-quality gift arrangement that perfectly fits the person and the
occasion you have in mind. Our baskets are beautifully created,
and filled with the finest, thoughtfully selected products to
convey what you had in mind... and in your heart.

Baskets & Balloons From The Heart
1221 Snow Hill Road
Durham, North Carolina 27712
(919) 477-8735 or (919) 606-6944

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