The Hector Heathcoat Show
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The Hector Heathcoat Show

Hector Heathcoat:
Winston (dog):

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Mark A. Smeby

Hashimoto San Sidney the Elephant Terrytoons: Other Terrytoons series also began appearing on television. The Heckle and Jeckle Cartoon Show, featuring the look-alike black birds who debuted in the 1946 short The Talking Magpies, came to CBS in the fall of 1956. Gandy Goose, Little Roquefort, Dinky Duck and the Terry Bears rounded out the series. Following the sale to CBS, the Terrytoon cartoons began showing up elsewhere on the network's schedule. Mighty Mouse Playhouse first appeared December 10, 1955 on CBS-TV. It was Saturday morning's first regularly scheduled all-cartoon show, appearing on the network for over ten years. The series included various other Terrytoons shorts, including Heckle and Jeckle, Dinky Duck and Gandy Goose. Terrytoons produced new wrap-around animation for the series, featuring tenor Roy Halee as Mighty Mouse singing the opening theme.