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Did a little tweaking once again with the site design. Got rid of the annoying banners at the top of this page, fixed the counter, and changed the footprint links on the navigation bar to the left from bitmap to jpeg format, so you should have faster loading time! A fellow researcher emailed me a while ago providing some info. on some of the sounds on my sounds page, so that has been added. Another researcher named Greg Helton, was kind enough to email me a research paper he wrote on bigfoot. You can access his paper from the "What Is Bigfoot?" part below, or by simply clicking here.


A couple new updates. First off, I added a link to the Texas Bigfoot Research Center in the links page. It has also become the new "Bigfoot Site of the Month." As for the other update, I've recently added added a page that gives a little more information on my sighting. Check it out by clicking here.

Welcome to my Bigfoot website! Click on one of the links at the side of the page to visit one of the many parts of my webpage. If you have any questions or comments e-mail me. Below, you can read a little about Bigfoot and, maybe, learn something too. Enjoy!

Bigfoot Site of the Month:
Texas Bigfoot Research Center
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In Memory Of Dr. Grover S. Krantz
1931 - 2002

What Is Bigfoot?

It is said to be a man-like creature, covered with hair, that lurks in the timber and snowy mountain peaks in many different places in the world. It is either a species that has remained unknown to science forever, or it is the most complex hoax that has ever been done. It is reffered to with many names like Alma, Yeti, Wild Man, Sasquatch, and most oftenly Bigfoot.

Bigfoot sightings reach from 986 A.D. to present day. It has been sighted in all fifty states of the United States.

It gets its name for the giant footprints it leaves, that range between 14 and 20 inches. Footprints are common evidence. There is a lot of evidence to prove that Bigfoot exists, but some people are still sceptic. One form of evidence is hair. Many hair samples have been found that are said to be from an unknown species. Another form of evidence are pictures and videos. The most famous video was filmed by Rodger Patterson. It featured a female bigfoot in Bluff Creek, California.(Pictured at Top)

Many famous people were interested in this mysterious creature, even President Rosevelt. Once Edmund Hillary, conqueror of Everest, went on a Yeti expidition.

Perhaps if there are enough pictures, recordings, and other evidence science will accept the fact that there could be an unknown animal(such as Bigfoot)living on this planet with us.

So remember, whenever you venture out into the wilderness keep your eyes and ears open.

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