Bigfoot Internet Library

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

The Shadowlands Bigfoot Page

The Hairy Homonid Archives

Bigfoot Encounters

North America's Great Ape: The Sasquatch

Bigfoot: Fact or Fantasy?

The Bigfoot-Giganto Theory

Bigfoot: Man or Beast? Myth or Reality?

Bigfoot of North America

The Florida Skunk Ape

The Bigfoot Merchandice Site

Sasquatch Journal

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society

The Sasquatch Sightings Sanctuary

John's Bigfoot Picture Page

Slickster's Skunk Ape Page

Clan of Cain Website
(an interesting look at the existence of Bigfoot)

The Southern Bigfoot Association

Northeastern Ohio Bigfoot Research Page

The Utah County Sasquatch Investigative Society

Sasquatch Information Society

NORKA of Akron

Dan's Skunkape Page

Texas Bigfoot Research Center

Texas Bigfoot Independent Study


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