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If any important events happen in the Bigfoot community, then expect to see them here.

Bigfoot Collectibles!
Japanese companies, Maxfactory and Medicom, have released sets of figures concerning myths and mysteries. There are three sets and each has a different Bigfoot statue. Also, Nevermore Creations is creating a line of Legendary Monsters. A Missouri Monster (aka: Bigfoot) is in set one and a Yeti in set two!

Fathoming the Abyss
Interesting article about Bigfoot and other mysterious creatures taken from FATE magazine.

The Untold
New movie about Bigfoot.

Dr. Grover Krantz and Dr. LeRoy Fish Pass Away
About the lives of two researchers who have recently passed away - From the BFRO.

The Matthew Johnson Report
A man very recently reported seeing a sasquatch while hiking with his family in Oregon to the BFRO.(He also appeared on "The Early Show" on July 10, 2000 to report his sighting.)

Myakka Skunk Ape Photos
An anonymous photographer has taken some amazing pictures of a Skunk Ape.
(Authentic? You decide for yourself.)

A new movie, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, about a Bigfoot like creature. It's expected in theaters sometime in 2002.

Print Pro Says Bigfoot May Exist
A police officer finds conclusive evidence of Bigfoot's existance. (An article recently published in the Jan. 2000 issue of Field & Stream.)

Throughout the Kiamichis, folks are reporting sightings of Bigfoot
Many people in Oklahoma are recently reporting Bigfoot sightings.(A story published in an Arkansas newspaper.)