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A photo of a skunk ape taken by Vence Dorr, after it ran across the road on his way to work on July 21, 1997 in Ochopee, Florida.That same morning Jan Brock also saw the creature run across the road.

A 14 ½" Bigfoot footprint from Bluff Creek, California six years before the Patterson/Gimlin video.

Frame 352 from the Patterson/Gimlin video.

A photo of Bigfoot in a creek taken by Cliff Crook near Mt.Rainer, Washington.(Looks like a toy in a mud puddle.)

A photo of Bigfoot running away through the brush, taken by Zach Hamilton in Three Sisters Wilderness, Oregon.(Probably a hoax.)

A cast of a footprint, left by the bigfoot in the Patterson/Gimlin film, compared to René Dahinden's foot.

A photo of the yeti from the "Snow Walker" video.
This was later revealed as a hoax.

A photo of a white bigfoot sighted in Fort Worth, Texas.(I'm a little sceptic about this photo)

A very old photograph discovered somewhere in western Washington in 1971. (Looks like someone trying to recreate the Patterson/Gimlin footage.)

After setting in the Florida Everglades everyday for eight months, David Shealy took this picture along with many others.

A photo of one of the 1,089 tracks of the "crippled" bigfoot found in Bosburg, Washington in 1969. (Many people think the animal's foot was deformed)

An 8 foot tall statue of the Oh-Mah found in Willow Creek, California.

This is a photo of one of the yeti tracks found by Eric Shipton and Michael Ward on November 8, 1951 while exploring the southwestern slopes of the Menglung Glacier. The set of about 13" long tracks spread for over a mile, at which one point the creature seemingly leaped over a crevasse. (This is one of the most believable set of yeti/bigfoot footprints I have seen.)

Some places have Bigfoot road signs!

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More Pictures Coming Soon!