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This is my section for sightings. If you have a sighting click here.
If it is believable I will put it on this page.

I also ask that if you report a sighting, please report it to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization as well.


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      I thought that I saw a black yeti dragging an elk by the antlers. It was about 9 feet tall and 500 pounds. I saw it by a pine tree while camping in the Wasatch Mountains. I was about sixty feet from it and I knew it wasn't a bear.
      ---submitted by Robyn Mcmullin

      My cousin and I were taking wildlife footage of birds. When we got home, we noticed something on the tape. In the heavy brush, something was moving. It wasn't a branch, dog, coyote, or mountain lion. We also found a track and a lot of torn up brush by a pond a quarter of a mile north of the spot we were taking footage.We assume we saw either a black bear, or a sasquatch/yeti type creature.
---submitted by Chris Sanner

I was recently at a relative's house in Virginia, having lunch on an enclosed balcony. I heard this weird monkey-chatter sound and I looked behind me and saw a large, bipedal shadow. Unfortunately, the ground in the woods behind their house is very marshy and there were no prints.
---submitted by Bill Adcock

      My Grandpa was hunting in the forest of Bella Coola, B.C. He and his friend Bert were warming them selves around a fire they had made on a old road, surrounding them was deep, dark woodland & forests. While there they heard it, then saw it, he discribed it as being the legendary Sasquatch. When the creature saw them it ran way, carefully jumping over patches of snow.
---submitted by Andrew Robson for his grandfather, Goerge Robson

      While fishing up in the Uintas, I was heading back to my car and along the bank on the other side of the lake I saw something kneeling down by the water. I thought it was a bear until I stepped on a branch and spooked it. It stood up and ran on two legs into the trees and I ran to my car.
---submitted by Jack McKahan

      August 8th, 2001 - My family and I were camping in the mountains 30 miles from Garibaldi, Oregon. I was filming my kids and husband swimming, when a ball got away from my kids and my husband went after it. I was filming the ball going up river when I saw across the river a huge black upright thing. It was as big through the shoulders and upper body as a downed tree that was in front of it. It was moving and watching us play. It had a semi-pointed head and the legs were short compaired to the large upper body. The legs were not straight they were bent at the knees. It gave me such a fright, the hair stood up on my arms. I began to cry with such joy at what I was seeing and I have it on tape. Remember we were 30 miles in the wilderness with no one around. It was the most amazing thing I will ever see in my life.
---submitted by Wimssie ???

      Bigfoot has been seen on the country rd I live on by a lady that is known to be a responsible and relieable person. I think it was at night - he was crossing the rd in front of her ( she was in a car). This was just recently. Also my little granddaughter got real scared the other night ( this was before I had even heard about our friends encounter), and starting screaming cause she said their was a hairy monster looking in a window at her.
---Reports of these sightings submitted by Sandy Wyman

      I was in Florida with my aunt and I was hunting. Then I saw something move I shot at it. I missed, but later I went to look at where it had been and there were large tracks.
---submitted by John Cooke

For more in-depth sightings please visit the
Bigfoot Field Research Organization