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Bigfoot Sounds

Some of these sounds may require Real Audio and Real download to listen to them. Feel free to burn these to a CD, if you like. Perhaps blasting them out into the wilderness may get a response from a bigfoot!

Creepy Yell-This was recorded in Puyallup, Washington in 1973. You can see(or should I say hear)why the man responds the way he does at the end.

Klamath Scream-This was recorded by a researcher chasing after the creature, in Klamath County, 1993. A bit familiar to the Creepy Yell.

Yell Cry-This was recorded in Snohomish County, Washington in 1978. Very familiar to the two above.

Wierd Scream-Not much known.

Scream Howl-An A&E Bigfoot documentary tells that this is an actual recorded sound, however a fellow researcher has passed along the information that it is actually a mechanically reproduced sound of what a Bigfoot would sound like, that was created in the '70s.

Bigfoot Scream-This was recorded in Columbiana County, Ohio in 1994. Not really a scream, it sounds more like a monkey screech. Also heard are a dog and an owl in the background.

Wierd Bigfoot Call-This recording was made by Allen Berry at an old sheep hearders camp in the Sierras.

Sasquatch-Ok, not a Bigfoot recording, but this song about Sasquatch written by Tenacious D sure is cool!

Thanks to Bill Hall for info. on some of these sounds.