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Awesome Guide to the Best Bird,
Birdwatching, and Birding Sites on the Internet

Types of birds, photography, birding software, travel to see birds, birding optics, free bird postcards, kids bird section, birdfeeding, birdhouses and more! Birds from hummingbirds to owls, penguins to bluebirds, read weekly articles as well as find links to the best websites.

From hummingbirds to raptors, optics to bird clipart, I hope you enjoy this site. I've even thrown in a butterfly or two. Browse through the articles I've written, check out my clipart, and explore my favorite bird articles on the Internet.

May you always hear the whisper of wings....

 Articles I have written
 Bird clipart
 My kids area - Fledgling Corner
 My favorite links to great bird articles

Articles I have written...

Birding Field Guides - Hmmm... Which One?? [Part 1 of 2]
Walking into a bookstore, you have a number of choices when selecting a field guide.

How to Set Up a Web Site for Your Birding Club
Let's go through the basic steps on how to get your birding club onto the WWW.

Angels of the Garden - Butterflies
Flitting from flower to flower, butterflies are facinating creatures!

For Your Ears - Bird Audio Tapes and CD's
Audio tapes and CD's to learn about bird songs and calls.

Indigo Bunting - Songbird Extraordinaire
Beautiful small birds who use the stars for navigation.

Winging It Post Office
Send a great electronic postcard, featuring bird photos, to everyone you know!

Return of the Terns
Once in a great while, an unusual event occurs that arouses birders, like this story from Denmark.

Getting Children Interested in Birds
Share the wonder of birds with the next generation.

Introduction to Feeding the Birds
Tips on what to feed to the birds around your home.

Birding Mailing Lists
Exchange email with people who share your love of birds.

Brood Parasites or Where Did I Put That Egg?
Birds who lay their eggs in another bird's nest.

Bird Trivia:
See how many of these questions you can answer!!

Birds with the mysterious and eerie calls.

Looking for Love - Breeding Characteristics of Birds
The ways male birds try to attract a female.

Kookaburra - The Laughing Jackass
A kingfisher with the most famous laugh of all!

No Flight? No Problem!
Explore the world of flightless birds.

Birding in Paradise - St. John, USVI
Hummingbirds to frigatebirds, something to excite every birder.

The Ability to Fly
Discover the dynamics of flight and adaptations that allow birds to fly.

Peregrine Falcons
The fastest birds in the air!

Ghostly Barn Owls
On every continent except Antarctica, an owl who does not hoot.

American Robin - First Signal of Spring
One of the first North American birds to return in the spring.

Oh Dear! It's Lonely Here! - The Spix's Macaw
Learn about this rarest of all birds!

Magnificent Trumpeter Swans
A wildlife success story and inspiration for fairy tales.

Put Your Thinking Caps On - Bird Quizzes and Fun
Test your identification skills.

Nature's Little Jewels - Hummingbirds
Tiny and brilliant birds to lure to your landscape.

Bird Clipart

Coming soon!

My Favorite Links

Bird Houses and Feeders
Includes what to feed, how to attract, plans for building houses and feeders, landscaping for birds and many more topics.

Birding Places
Birding places, exotic locations, trip reports.

How to attract, migration, photos, types.

Environmental and Conservation Concerns
Making the world safe for our feathered friends and preserving it for future generations.

Fledgling Corner (Kids' Section)
A mini-site in itself with lots of games, crafts, articles, plus a teacher/parent section too!

Games, Quizzes, and Other Fun
Sites with fun activities.

General Birding Information
Articles on flight, maps, birder's dictionary, and much more.

Binoculars, scopes, how they work, tips, and recommendations.

Tips, recommendations, how-to guides on capturing that bird on film.

Sounds and Songs of Birds
Hear the calls and songs of birds around the world.

Stories, Poetry and More
True stories to entertain, poems to tug at your heart.

Teacher and Parent Resources
Ideas, tips on how to introduce children to birds.

Types of Birds
Check here for sites arranged by type of bird.

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