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Add Me! Hey all my visitors, i am glad you keep comming back, and for those of you here for the first time, i welcome You. You can voice your freedom of speech around here, and I'll listen. Feel free to tell me what you think. I believe in our rights, and many other things described in my song lyrics, I hope you find something you like here. I'd like to send an extra Special Thanks to Ska and Candi for all the help and work they've done on my page as well. Enjoy the stay!

AAA Matilda Canada

Links You'll want to see

Real Hollywood Chat Site: This is where you can find me, if my girlfriend ever lets me online...*g*
NFL: What can I say BRONCOS RULE!!
ICQ Homepage: Ahhh, ICQ, you love it and you hate it at times, go figure!
Bride's Web Page: Great Band, especially LIVE! My Fav!
My Song Page: <<Some Lyrics I have written>>
Panthers Pad: My G/F's site Always updated, check it out.....also has our pics.....
Reflections: Ska's aunt Candi, she is very cool, and her page just keeps getting better!!!
Tiger_Grrl's Tiger Haven: Candi's Favorite animal, and her home page dedicated to it.
WomanOfScorn's Page: Go here and check this out...
About the One I Love: Read the title *grins*
Candi song: a song for candi, cause she means alot to me, and everyone i know.
Quote of the Day!: Hasn't been updated in awhile.......
Love Songs: A few of the love songs i've written (or love type songs).
Happy Birthday Babe!!!: A special page for my sweetheart......
Xena Vu: HotGrrrl's site, Very cool, and so is she!
Coffee and Cookies: Cb cookie's page, she is a cool person check this page out.
Halls of Wintermyst: Wintermyst's site, go see it for yourself
Jinxed's Page: Jinxed page its got pics and everything you could wanna see....
House of Pablar!: My Brother's site, he writes and has baby pics of me in there to....enjoy!

Information about Myself

Most of the people comming to my page probably know me already but if you don't I have added some information about myself. I feel a strong connection with life, and look at all the meaning of our existence. I now live with my girlfriend. You all probably know her as Ska. I love music, writting, football, and my girlfriend, and that's about it. I'm 19 now, and my birthday is in June. I write about personal experiences in my life, as well as, "what if's" in life, for instance if had done, "this or "that" instead of how i am today. I ask question to make my readers think, I make you question yourself. What are words if they cannot stimulate you? What are words if they donot ask a question of you at times? So i ask you to read, deeply into my writtings and think, of you, of your experiences, how things affect you in life. Email and let me know what you think, or sign my guest book. Thanks for visiting.
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